Air rifle charging (from 300 bar tank)

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  • Air rifle charging (from 300 bar tank)

    Hi guys - can someone please give me a steer on what and where to get a valve (and any other component pieces) for a 300 bar faber dive cylinder? Got excited by a cheap package deal on a draeger carbon cylinder and MDE Jubilee Valve from best-fittings UK but apparently very difficult to get them certified for Aussie use (?) so went back to a locally sourced Faber (without a valve)...will offshore valves match up to neck threads of an Aussie spec tank? About to start tuning an Evanix WC and not overly excited about spending a day with a Hills Pump.

    Cheers for the help

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    Hi Glenfield
    Was also considering a Best CF tank and set up, they seem like a good deal, even with freight.
    My thinking was fill the tank and then keep it topped of with a hand pump.
    Do you know what thread the local Faber tank has? Best seems to have a Jubilee valve for a range of threads?
    I am still waiting for Oleg to get his compressor setup sorted, that seemed like the best solution long term, only have a PCP pistol at he moment but looking at a PCP rifle in the near future.


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      Getting to the bottom of it now but from what I can gather, you can't import a CF tank and get it filled here without an Aussie certified hydrostatic test stamp (apparently very difficult to get O/S tanks certified for Australian use but will follow up if I hear differently). Best bet may be to buy a faber tank with a valve and then fit a DIN charging kit from Best Fitting which look pretty cheap at c50 bob before VAT. The best fittings combo does look like a good price though unfortunately

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    If you are thinking of filling from a 300 bar tank, please be very careful and fill SLOWLY ! and watch you never exceed the manufacturers pressure on the gun. By over filling the gun you can damage it, and even blow the dam thing up ! By overfilling you wont get more power , infact because the pressure is higher than what the rifle is tuned for the valve wont open enough and you will get valve lock.
    As long as you fill very slowly and be very careful of the pressure you can safely fill from a 300 bar tank. If you have any doubts that you can do it safely get your tank fitted with a regulator.

    The good thing with 300 bar tanks is they are much smaller and lighter yet yield more refills.
    And Oz, no offence but your not going to top up a 300 bar tank with a hand pump, it will take you about an hour of pumping ! and you will fill the tank with moist air, which you wont get from a dive shop refill.


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      Hi Guys,

      just buy the tank here from Drager and it will have the stamp.. mine does..
      Get the valve from drager and then the fittings for you gun from best fittings.



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        I just bought a Faber Cylinder 300 BAR 12 Litre tank local here in Australia. It did cost me $600 which included freight but came with din valve fitted, but where i make it up is i bought a Bauer Poseidon PE100 300 Bar compressor that had just been serviced, at a cheap price from a dive shop that had closed down. It is 3 phase and 300 bar.
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