Evanix Tuning Tutorial (Blizzard, Rainstorm & Windy City)

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  • Evanix Tuning Tutorial (Blizzard, Rainstorm & Windy City)

    Hi Everyone.

    We've been asked so many times about tuning of Evanix air rifles that are built on their classical platform, that I've decided to post this article here. I know it will not stop people from keeping on asking us millions of questions (in fact it may raise another million), but I thought it might be a good start. Please note this tutorial is posted for education purposes only. If you are not sure of what your are doing of what the end result should be, do not change your default settings.

    1) Basic Trigger Adjustment

    Evanix trigger is pretty adjustable. Not as super-tunable as the one on Marauder, but still can be tuned down to 1.5 pounds with a very crisp let-off.

    Once you take off the stock you will get an access to 2 grub-screws indicated bellow.

    The trick is that both screws should be adjusted in accord. Tuning first stage without adjusting the second and visa-verse may yield some pretty unexpected results.

    If you are struggling with getting to the required feel of your trigger you may want to de-pressurise you rifle so you would not hassle everyone around with numerous test-fires at full pressure.

    Here is what you do.

    Recent models of Evanix are equipped with a rupture disk that is held by retaining grub-screw pictured bellow.

    Ease it slightly until you can hear the air hissing out and let all the air bleed slowly from the pressure tube. DO NOT fully unscrew it whilst it is still under pressure or it will bolt into some random direction and may meet your forehead on its way.

    Do not forget to tighten that retaining grub-screw back once the air is out, or you will have troubles pressurising your gun once you are finished working on it.

    2) Magic hammer spring replacement that everyone is talking about.

    First of all I would like to stipulate that you are changing that spring at your own risk. Your Evanix air rifle was imported and tested to be safe with the spring that it came with. We do not bear any responsibility for the end results of that replacement. If you are not sure do not do anything!!!

    Evanix action provides a room for power adjustment. There is an adjusting screw for hammer spring pre-tension at the rear of the action.

    In order to adjust it you would need to ease a retaining grub-screw at the bottom and work your adjusting screw inwards to increase the power or outwards to decrease it.

    In order to get access to the hammer spring the adjusting screw should be removed completely.

    Even though the spring ratio of Evanix spring is close to the one on American Marauders, secondary hammer bounce is not so much of an issue in Evanix due to much lighter hammer.

    3) Further trigger job

    I find Evanix trigger mechanism very simple, yet elegant and efficient. However, for those perfectionists that know what they are doing, there are 3 bearing surfaces in that setup, polishing which in a proper fashion may result in better trigger.

    Please note that changing the angle of these surfaces may result in your rifle becoming unsafe, so if you are not sure, do not do it.

    I hope this helps.

    Enjoy your rifle and shoot safe.



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    Your timing is just spot on Oleg.

    Just picked mine up via Acme via Horsley Park via previous owner via Safari and probably via your good self. As you can see from my last entry to the Blizzard thread, I reckon some people should never be allowed to own nice rifles. Yeah, I know, buyers beware.

    Now, in the event that I can't fix the crack as well as I would like, are you able to get your hands on a replacement stock. This is only one option in my plan B. If so, would you mind sending me a quote on PM. Thanks.
    Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see.


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      Yes, we can get that stock for you, but it might be some time as our recent order has been finalised already.

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    Thanks Oleg - very detailed and very timely...did the above earlier this evening to a WC .25 following a similar thread on an SA site (before seeing the detailed thread from your good self). Worth reading both concurrently ... http://www.airrifle.co.za/showthread.php?14139-My-Evanix-Blizzard-experience-(times-two

    No chronny yet to test the results but used a C730 spring per an earlier thread on a blizzard and 1200 grit sand paper on the trigger polish. I am definitely no expert with very limited experience so if I can do it, it's not beyond anyone. Some things I learnt:

    Trigger disassembly/polish:
    - When you pull the trigger out watch out for two springs that go flying and remember which spring sits under the trigger vs sear
    - Make sure you use 1200 grit and go slow polishing the trigger

    Trigger tune:
    - 'oke from South Africa explains how to do this expertly and very easy to follow. (a) Basically, engage safety and adjust first stage until trigger is sitting just atop safety (b) release safety and pull lever back (keep it back). With your finger in front of lever, adjust second stage (tighten grub screw clockwise) until it releases (your finger will catch it before you wake your neighbours). Pull lever back and loosen grub screw a quarter turn...should work a treat from there. Definitely check out the web address above though...sketched up a schematic to explain to myself how it works which I will share once I work this site out.

    The great unknown is how the new spring will go in the .25 Windy City. Some good results on a .22 blizzard in an earlier thread but suspect the .25 might respond differently and may need a firmer spring. Oleg, lost track of where the hammer spring is set on new .25s WC's (flush to receiver?). Want to start there, chronny (when it arrives), and then loosen as needs be. Next to nothing on .25 windy city's on the interwebs so keen to see what it's capable of


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    If this is the future of Airgunning in this country then its not looking to rosie.

    I guess we'll never be allowed the latest and greatest.


    1 sad Airgunner pining for some quality rifles to land here. (at prices we can afford).


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      Originally posted by Patsboy" post=19689
      If this is the future of Airgunning in this country then its not looking to rosie.

      This is a tutorial thread - someone has taken the time to create a knowledge sharing thread
      Please keep it on topic.

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    Back from Das Tuning Haus...

    Looking for a lighter FT tune so you dont smash up the targets? DONE!

    Estimated = I just recalculated from the foot pounds & pellet weights.


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      Das is gud. Danka Nate. Now fur da akkurasee testink.

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    Got my 12fpe tune!

    C730 - 3 turns (flush), 13.7grains @ 660fps --> 13.25fpe
    C730 - 4 turns (flush), 13.7grains @ 590fps --> 10.59fpe


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      And za akkurazee and trackink maestro?

      Green light for Hornsby.

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    Just tested at the 50m range - shoots terribly at 11fpe

    Shot with JSB Exact Jumbo's, 14gr in outdoor windy & rainy conditions.

    Running with 2 coils cut - 16fpe:

    4 coils - 11fpe

    So looks like the blizzard just doesnt run well at all at lower powers - there goes the FT tune


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      It was designed for 'Hi powered' hunting Nate. We can discuss it's merits next weekend.

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    negative - didnt get up to the range yesterday.
    Too busy with FT stuff lately too


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      Took it up today...
      meh I think its too slow a tune.

      Not much in it, the jumbo express were teflon washed, the others just as Geoff delivered.

      JSB Exact Jumbo Express .22 - 14.35gr, 5 shots each target

      JSB Exact Jumbo .22 - 15.89gr, 8 shots

      JSB Exact Jumbo RS .22 - 13.43gr, 8 shots


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        Others were PTFE coated as well.

        Two questions though. Did you lead the barrel in with about 10-15 shots with the different pellets before shooting your groups?
        Did you start testing from a cleaned barrel? Normally takes about 15-20 to settle from a fresh barrel clean.

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        What was the shot count with the low power tune before they start dropping.
        Curious as I have re-set my S10 reg about 4 times. Got it shooting real good at 50m with some nice single holes but all the settings between 100-120 bar and spring tension wound back out to level but shot count won't change from 30 good shots. Std full power used to be 40-45 shots. Seems strange. It also shoots well with both 16 and 18gr JSBs. Used to prefer 18gr.

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      Shots above: 46 shots - no change in POI, regulator was set at 100Bar

      Didnt have shot strings with my new 20fpe tune, only the c730 un-cut tune (850-920-850 fps with 21gr).


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        I have no idea why the low shot count on mine, will just shoot it and see if it settles.
        My last adjustment was smack on 100 bar and has settled in just over.
        Spose I can go back to stock standard no reg to compare if nothing changes.