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    IM confused I thought there was no 22 calibre allowed in international comp but looking at the NZ comp next year says high power 22 is allowed? :S

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    The matches listing HP .22 cal are additional class that are being run parallel to the world Field Target Championships, A bit like a Hunter Field Target Match is my thought.
    The standard class will be run under the comprehensive WFTF rules (World Championships).
    The following additional class will be run under the comprehensive WFTF rules:
    HP class PCP (28 ft/lb power limit, up to .22 calibre)
    HP class Springer (28ft/lb power limit, up to .22 calibre)

    No rifle shall exceed 12ft/lb muzzle energy. A rifle found to be producing in excess of 12ft/lb will result in disqualification for the competitor.
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      This is the rule from the WFTF rule book regarding equipment and events. I haven't spoken with the Kiwi boys as yet but you can bet the setting of the power limit will be to do with preventing target damage and so as to put some emphasis on shooter ability rather than the rifle doing all the work. The World Championship will be the sub 12fpe event (as per the rules) and the others are supplementary events as I understand it.

      1.1 Airguns. Air rifles (PCP or Springer) with an output not exceeding 12 ft/lbs (16.3 Joule), and which are in safe working condition may be used. No power adjustments may be made to an air rifle during a competition. In host countries where higher power air rifles are allowed, the latter may participate in a separate class. Fully adjustable rifle stocks are permitted to accommodate various shooting styles and positions. The surface of the hamster (and knee pad) must be flat and not shaped to provide lateral support to the rifle.