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    Just put my Sumatra Carbine 2500 over the Chrony and was surprised by results.

    At the lowest power the average speed was 519, at the top power it was 980 ( and very very loud ). Useing Skenko Ultra pellets of 25.4gns it gave me 15.2fpe and 54.1fpe respectively. Not bad at all. I was more than happy with this. This was on a full tank for both tests.

    The rifle does not have a great shot count, just 11 on full power, 18 on medium power but I cannot find a shot count for low power (500fps)...can anyone help with that?


    Hi Again

    Just back from sighting in at the range. I found that Gamo shoot really well at 50m; it was a big surprise. I couldnt give a definite feed back on the number of shots as I was trying to find the best power level before I ran out of gas.

    Minimum power was not very good, it led to some key holing on the target, full power was cool...very loud...It was loud enough for the comment of was I shooting a shot gun! A bit OTT if you ask me. I found the last black mark from the lowest power placed on the red marker was the best power setting. I was able to sight in to the X on a 25m target ...but only the top right of the x or the bottom left of the x...just could not get the middle no matter how hard I tried.

    Was an enjoyable time. Great to actually put the rifle through its paces again. Something I must do a little more often.