Topping up pressure with a hand pump

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  • Topping up pressure with a hand pump

    Hi All,
    I've got the 9mm Windy City and a large dive tank rated to 24 MPA /240 BAR/3480PSI. It had about 205 BAR when I bought it so I have not been to the local dive shop and am not sure just what pressure they are prepared to fill it too.
    The rifle documentents max pressure at 200 BAR and the rifle's guage indicated max pressure of around 230 BAR. So I can probably run it a bit higher than 200. I will look into that first, so I'll stick with 200 for the time being.

    I am thinking a hand pump will be good to top up my pressure when the dive tank drops below 200 Bar. What I don't know is if it's worth the effort or the hassle.

    If the dive tank could get the rifle's reservoir up, say 180 BAR any idea how many pumps it would take to get the rifle up to 200 BAR again?

    An educated guess?

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    About 50
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      Just fill your dive tank when it gets low. $8.50 not worth the bother of part filling your cylinder then topping it up with a hand pump