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  • Air. What do you pay?


    Just in from going down to Regency Park and having my air tanks filled. What I shock I got. The cost of filling a tank has gone up from $5 to $10. Now thats one big raise. I had my main tank and buddy bottle filled for the same price.

    On the other side of the deal the people are still friendly and spend time chatting and fill while you its worth it.

    It did make me think though what do other people pay? Is $10 still cheap, or is it expensive?


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    My local scuba shop just seems to make it up as they go along

    Once they just topped it up for nothing and said "No charge mate " "We`ll have you next time "

    And then Next Time I INSISTED so they charged me Ten bucks
    "For it is the doom of men that they forget"


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      Yeah $8 to $10 seems like the going rate unless you get them filled at one of the "tourist diving hotspots" where you will need to be prepared to get stung $25.00 a fill.

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    Nothing, just a little bit of muscle power, I use a gas ram.
    PS sorry, the made me do it..
    The most important thing in life is not knowing everything, it's having the phone number of somebody who does!


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      I pay $10.00 per refill at one of the local dive shops, have been quoted $15.00 at the other 2 shops. However all the dive shops up here will only fill the tank if its been hydro tested every 12 months eventhough I stated its only used for air tools ( I have stickers all over the tank).


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        Thanks for the feed back....I am getting a good deal...from friendly people with good service....what more could I want from Scuba Com Dive Shop in Regency Park.


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          My mates bottle costs him $4.50 per fill. Lasts him awhile.

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        When Pro Dive first started up I bought a life time free fill deal.

        Just had to show the tag. Now I can't find the bloody thing.

        It's been put away "in a safe place".

        It's been a long time since I used a tank and it was not a dive tank. I used it to drive nail and staple guns. Is it common practice for them to fill it to max working pressure?