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  • Cleaning

    I recently purchased a new HW97K and I've never cleaned an air rifle before.

    Can someone give me a run down of the procedure?


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    A rub over the external steelwork with an oily rag after use.

    Barrel pull through regularly to remove lead fouling (my twins make a pull through kit for a very reasonable cost ).

    And if you ever need a tuning kit made for the 97 send me a PM !!


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      Here's a Youtube video. Do similarly but you'll have to cock the HW97K first otherwise the chamber will NOT stay open. Pull through from Matt's girls will make life a lot easier. A cleaning rod is a bit too 'heavy duty' for an air rifle. When you finish, you'll have to shoot a pellet through and into something to contain it. Unfortunately you cannot uncock a HW97K.