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    Hi Guys
    Just wondering if anyone has any tune info for Benjamin Marauder .177. I have found plenty of info for the.22. My rifle is still on factory settings the accuracy is great but could be better from what I have seen and I am only getting around 40 shots from 3000 psi to 1600 psi. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hi Rick,

    What sort of velocity/energy numbers are you looking for? What pellets are you using. The numbers you have quoted are fairly typical for the out of the box setting. What velocities are you getting? Do you own a Chronograph? What hammer spring have you got installed in the gun. I have my Ft gun detuned to sub 12fpe and from a 2400Psi fill I get 65shots shooting down to 1900psi with an extreme spread of 15fps. My gun is unregulated at the moment but is fitted with a depinger and HDD (hammer debounce device).


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      Hi Uncakikki
      The marauder has no mods at all yet it is exactly as it came out of the box. I don't have a chrony so I was looking for a tune that will bring it to sub 12fp. I do a lot of close up pest shooting and over penetration is an issue at the current settings. a starting point would be a great help.


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        No worries mate, I'll dig out my tune settings and come back to you. Without a Chrony it will be next to impossible to know for sure as the Marauders are a bit variable from rifle to rifle.

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      North of Brisbane


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        Sorry. Can't help with Chrony.

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      Thanks Druid.
      I will give it a go.