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  • A bit of Recognition

    Hey everyone,

    So Today I FINALLY got to pay for my license, I'm such a tool at times even the most basic of things elude me, but even though they are rare moments - they are rippers when they occur.

    Anyway, I just wanted to give some recognition to the licensing and regulations dept. It may not be proper of me to have gone into this with a negative slant on the whole process because of how stupid some of it is, but I honestly thought that like other public servants, they couldn't care less about my application and would take their sweet time. That's not the case at all though, I screwed up my forms AGAIN, however I do have to handball part of the blame off to the local blue boys, they gave me every sheet for the PTA - except the first page I need to fill out. I have another copy (that I got the same day from the same station), and it too is missing the front page, but here's the kicker, they gave us 2 copy's of the How do fill out the forms guide sheets, and after filling out my license and PTA forms, I went to the same cop shop to get the forms looked over to make sure everything was there and filled out correctly, and was told I was gold.

    So the Licensing and Regs people send me some forms back saying where's this and that - so I call them because as far as I'm concerned - I'm gold.
    Long story short, they allowed me to scan a copy of the first page filled out, email it to them and they'll amend it and process it straight away.

    Well today I eagerly checked the mail box for SOMETHING, and sure enough my license was there - well the paper version, so I went to Westpac, paid it, then to Vic Roads for a happy snap, After that I came home, called Oleg to fill him in on what was happening (Classy dude Oleg, nothing but positive feedback, can understand why everyone else says good things and will continue to do so myself. Za zdarov'e!), and then called the licensing guys back for a confirmation. Spoke to Rob, and he informed me that it was all a go ahead, should get it next week as they are all up to date with everything - probably sent out today I'd think as it all happened on Mon or Tues.

    So in a nut shell, I just wanted to give some public recognition to the guys and girls of the Licensing & Regulations Dept of the Vic Police, and Oleg from AusArms.

    Massive thumbs up from me!

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    I do have a question on a related matter.

    How much would you expect to pay to pick up an air rifle from a local gun shop transfer fees or whatever?

    Scenario - I buy from oleg - he ships to my local, I pay local for them being middle man.


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      Why don't you just ring them up.
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        I did, I'm checking the price without hanging anyone out to dry.


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          Have to agree with you Sub me, I have nothing but praise for Vic Licencing & Reg.

          PTA's are consistently processed in a week to 10 days, never a long wait on the phone to speak to someone, and those you do speak to have always been more than helpful and friendly.

          Far better service I understand than what other states experience.

          Met Oleg at the last gun show, great bloke.


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            So in a nut shell, I just wanted to give some public recognition to the guys and girls of the Licensing & Regulations Dept of the Vic Police, and Oleg from AusArms.

            I too agree with you guys, I actually bring heaps of imitation guns which all require B709A permits, so when I call them to ask where's my permit if it's taking longer than usual they answer 'Oh it's you Andrew, no worries I'll do it today' so now where on first name terms which is a great way to be.

            I just brought in a Daisy bb pistol which landed at customs in Sydney, Vic Licensing were quick to get my permit out to me so they can release my parcel.

            Met Oleg at the shot show too, very enthusiastic guy!


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              As a former Victorian, that's great to hear if not surprising.

              In Darwin, we have an absolute pearler of a Firearms unit. Pretty much a one man machine, but a straight talker he is, and what he says is what happens.

              Now why can't Australian Customs and Border Protection be more like these guys? Its like the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing with those guys....and why does the Firearms Unit know more about importing regs. than they do!?

              Glad it worked out for you!
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