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  • Evanix Blizzard S10

    Any of you Nix owners able to help me on this one.

    After a lot of toing and froing with the decision.

    Looking at getting one for my FIRST PCP. Not a lot of info on the web about it. I understand that the Nix has a Webley background. It is going to be something I'll be learning with and tinkering on. Not a new unit and I believe it's [email protected]#$%ded. Original owner has had it 12 months and last 6 months has been spend in the safe as Queen.

    Thanks guys.
    Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see.

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    Good on ya` Geoff for finally taking the PCP plunge I`ve got nothing to add really except to say that

    1, I reckon you`re going to be very happy bunny

    and 2, The only relationship Webley ever had with Evanix was to once put the Webley & Scott name on their rifles as a European and USA marketing exercise - I guess that arrangement just helped out both parties at the time
    "For it is the doom of men that they forget"


    • mattw975
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      My understanding Druid, is the Webley Sidewinder / Cobra was the same as the Evanix & they shared many Webley designs (the magazine & valve block).

      Geoff, I found a recent review of one in a recent Airgunner magazine & the writer who is a diehard Theoben Rapid man, liked it very much.

      They have a high shot count for a reservoir gun (getting up close to a buddy bottle type gun) & a very good barrel.

      Matt W

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    smart man... obviously a lot smarter than those who purchase an Mrod :P
    i'd point you to a post elsewhere on the interwebz but tis no longer there!

    you will be VERY happy...
    5c groups at 50m outdoors is achievable at 850-950fps & 21.1gr pellets
    I've done all the tuning work for these as well - so we've got ultra flat curves & great reliable speeds

    In the US for another 2.5 weeks, so i'll have to get onto adding some content & tuning info when I return.
    Feel free to hit me up via PM if you're itching for info.

    As a starting point - get a Century springs C-730 (any hardware store will have them)
    Do a trigger job on it

    and you'll have a VERY fine piece of hardware.


    • grmkc
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      Hi Nate.

      Yup, I been following your love of Korean firearms. Century Spring? Just like the ones at the Red and green store. I think the first step might be to loosen the hammer spring screw, then if need be, spring change. A step at a time. If working OK and trigger OK, then it's OK. just like Wine, a good one is one that you like.

      It was all in the timing too, I guess. My Brno sold in 8 hours so the finance was approved. There was a 6 month old AR6 listed on abused guns as well but I don't like the feel and look. And LOUD. Handled them all at Gun Emporium in Melbourne.

      If it were a springer, it would be laid out in pieces on the work bench within 5 minutes of it arriving and bits to Matt within 30.

      Also found that the South Africans love the S10 as well. www.airrifle.co.za has a thread on 'detuning'.

      It arrives next week as Aussie Post took custody from horsley park today. I'll shoot it as it is to see what it does first so I have a baseline to work from. I'll go back and re-read your Pellet Size thread.

      How does the trigger compare to the Rekord? All I have are HWs (Springers and 22LR).

      Wish I had it today. Feral cat in the state forest and I only had my HW97K 0.22. 45-50m. Poo!

      Thanks for the offer as the Evanix brains trust.


    • mattw975
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      Ouch that hurt about the MRod

    • mattw975
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      Ouch that hurt about the MRod

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    Which state forest are you talking about? I didn't think there is much to hunt with an air rifle in the state forest here?


    • grmkc
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      Come on Josh.

      Can't really give away that sort of info apart from saying OUR beautiful state of Victoria. Even have pigs if you know where to look. Plenty that we can shoot in stste forest but make sure you have registered your interest to hunt pest species on Crown Land first. Mynahs, Starlings, Feral Pigeons, Bunnies, Hares, Foxes, even seen an ex lovebird (Yep, got him). No ice cream hunting in state forest though. :lol:

      Not sure where you're located but where I go, we have plenty of ferals along the state forest side of the boundary fences. I work as an environmental services provider and as a consequence very closely with the rangers and farmer in environmental management issues. We know where the pest are.

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    Whats wrong with a mrod?


    • Plinksta
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      Hey Adam

      There is nothing wrong with the Mrod, I just found that it was too bulky for me and the wood stock wasn't much to look at. I do fancy the synthetic stock because of the adjustable cheek piece and because its tactical looking, however I can't really comment on it so much because I haven't handled it yet.

      The Rainstorm handled much better and it was lighter, probably because it is more like a carbine and also the stock is just a nicer piece of wood. (Wood vs Wood that is)

      On another note my PTA just arrived!!!

    • Movealongnothingtoseehere
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      You won't be disappointed with a nixie.

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    Hello Plinksta

    You will not be disapointed with the Rainstorm. I have one in .25 Cal and cant fault it one bit other than availabilty of pellet selection in the country. Shoots great with various H&N pellets. Definetly do the hammer spring mod (C-730) as mentioned earlier to tame the power and increase shot counts and the trigger job to smooth it out. I also installed a Will Pyatt depinger and reccomend installing one and maybe able to get one made locally.

    One criticism would be the noise level prior to tuning it down but its not much of a concern to me. Thats the fun with our laws removing the baffles out of them.

    One thing I did find was the O-rings on the filling probe wear out relatively quick due to the tight fit in the filling port. You can use 9mm OD (outside diameter) and either 1.5mm or 1.9mm Section diameter (thickness of ring). Can pick them up from Bunnings/Blackwoods or buy in bulk off ebay.



    • grmkc
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      Matt975 is making depingers along side his lines of other airgun accessories. PM him.
      From memory CBC bearings will also have o-rings in bulk packs. Used to get o-rings for my dive tanks there as well.