What do you think of Lee Collet Dies?

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  • What do you think of Lee Collet Dies?

    Something I posted on the old forum but worth a revisit here. I'm just a simple hunter and not well versed in the arcane lore of squeezing the last thousandth of an inch out of ones groups, but the idea of squeezing the case neck around a mandrel like Lee Collet Dies do, strikes me as at least plausible. What do the accuracy fanatics here think?

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    What a coincidence I was recomminding them in Sneeky's post, while you were posting. IMO, they are more for accuracy shooting but the real, "accuracy fanatics", are benchresters, so I am not qualified being but a humble belly shooter with the NRAA. You would need to be weight sorting cases and weighing individual powder charges like Sneeky does (and me). Probably not for hunting, although if you want to try belly shooting.......


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      Hi i am only a hunter also but tried unit in 243 ,i found the mandrels to vary in diameter slightly ,i ordered 4 with mine but you can get custom ones from lee.
      i found i would get inconsistant neck tension on projectile i ended up emerying down mandrel to just undersize and it worked a lot better,but i am now using redding dies , i find easier to work with and i have as good or better accuracy with the redding.


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        They are good if you take the time to lean how to use them .
        Inconsistent neck tension could also comes from using the die in a press with the constant force method ie . a press that does not go over centre , ie a Lee press . What happens is you accidentally apply varying force on the press handle , varying neck hardness and fatigue also plays a part.
        Some reloaders can not get their head around the fact that a Lee press is not the most suitable for this particular Lee die .
        However total neck tension and varying neck tension is two different things.
        You may well have needed to emery down the mandrel to get the right total neck tension but that does not mean you have removed the amount of variation . You may have just , ( read may have ) , increased the lowest tension to be adequate .
        A trick I use is to size a second time at 90 degrees . You can damage the die using it wrongly going over centre if you are careless in setting it up. Take you time and adjust it down a bit at a time until you find the sweet spot. Then the press is doing the work not you .


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          your right happy jack i had a lee press and i found if i rotated case 2 to 3 times i had a lot better results but in the end it was just easier to neck size with the redding die with one push of the handle instead of 2-3