How different is the quality of factory loaded brass?

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  • How different is the quality of factory loaded brass?

    Is there a huge difference in using the brass from different manufactures of factory loads? What I mean is, is the quality of the brass Hornady uses very different from say Federal, PMC, Norma, Winchester etc? I am thinking of shooting factory loads for a while but keeping all my brass to load at a later date and I want to know if it's worth keeping ALL the brass I fire or a some brands so bad that it's almost not worth keeping the once fired brass? thanks.

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    everyone has their own opinion on brass, but everyone agrees that norma and lapua are the best,

    i dont like winchester brass for my 270 but i still keep it,
    i use federal for my 223 but only because i cant get norma for a decent price, just keep it all and you will find out which one suits you, if you decide not to reload you can just sell it off


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      hornady brass is slightly better than the others you mentioned.
      better meaning;
      its consistent in its capacity.
      it can be reloaded many times before it becomes too thin.

      each to their own though.


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        Your right to asume all brass is not made equally. Lapua, Norma, Hornady match and Federal premium are all very good and generally don't need any case prep before loading and hold a higher tolerance from case to case. For hunting or plinking purposes where accuracy and consistancy isn't as important Winchester, Remington, PMC etc will work fine so I wouldnt go throwing them away, just store them in a zip lock bag. I have seen quite a few Winchester and Remington cases with oversized primer pockets and split necks after only a few firings. Offset flash holes is another thing to be cautious of so i would suggest inspecting your cases as you could be up for a new decapping rod if your not paying attention.


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          Just throwing it in there, I've found PPU brass to be quite thick, it certainly weighs a bit more aswell. The factory loads shoot awful, and they don't look as polished as the Lapua brass I have but are still nice indeed. Probably not the best if you're doing very hot loads though as i'm sure you'll lose a bit of cubic capacity due to the very thick brass.


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            Aushunter commented
            Editing a comment
            I have reloaded a few brands(federal, Hornady & winny) & didn't notIce to much difference in accuracy(hunting rounds!).
            I loaded my pet load between the 3 & there wasn't any real change in POI either.
            Maybe I got lucky?
            That's not to say that the quality & longevity will be the same thought!