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  • Misfires

    Over the last 3 or 4 years, I have reloaded in the region of 10,000 rounds (9mm and 357) with my fair share of successes and fails. About a month ago I started getting misfires for no immediately apparent reason. I would get 2 or 3 misfires in a 90 round competition: all would subsequently fire the next time that they were struck. On thinking it through, I realised that the only thing that I had changed was that I was no longer cleaning my brass, that is to say that up to this point, I would de-prime my brass and then put it through the ultrasonic cleaner. However, I was now going through a period of intense load development. I was at the range 2 or 3 nights a week with different loads and I would go home with my fired brass, put it in the progressive press, pop the old primer and press in a new one without any cleaning taking place. So it occurred to me that perhaps I was getting a build-up of crud in the primer pocket, and that this was "cushioning" the primer and causing it to misfire. I've gone back to cleaning my brass every time I reload and haven't had a misfire since. It's probably impossible to say for certain that this was the cause of my misfires, but I was wondering if any members had any similar experience or opinion on the matter.

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    Yeah, I always clean primer pockets and haven't had a misfire in 30years.



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      Are you using the same brand & type primers for all reloading?

      How long since you have changed the springs in your gun?

      Are you seating the primers correctly?

      Seems like you may be unsure. Time to be very critical & reproduce your reloading process to work through the problem. Go back to the basics & work from there?

      Make sure the brass is clean (everytime), use the same primers, ensure primers are seated correctly. Check/replace worn springs/firingpin in your gun.


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        The softest primers are Federal, if using a revolver, they rate 100%, I only use Federal in all matches as I can rely on them.

        In match grade ammunition I always barrel drop my rounds, check each and every primer is 100 fully seated and only use once or twice fired brass. Possibly once or more. in last 10 years I have never had a misfire, revolver or semi.

        Look at your fired brass, is there a positive deep indent into the fired primer, if not look at replacing your firing pin spring.

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      As above.

      The only issues I have had with reloading is with primer seating.
      When I changed from Federal to Remington primers in my 9mm I had a spate of light primer strikes.
      This I put down to me not seating them fully. They are slightly harder to seat than Federals and since
      I have started seating them fully (ensure a full upstroke of ram on press) I have had no issues. I just take
      a little more time to ensure the primer is home.

      Regards Murph


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        i had a federal match primer misfire the other day in my 308 , its struck properly but has rounded rather than punched. some of the primers getting around here at the moment are a bit old though due to new stock shortages