do i need neck bushing dies or full

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  • do i need neck bushing dies or full

    i have purchased a neck bushing die set and a full length set and it was expensive so now im wondering did i need to buy both i consider mysel as a bit above novice on reloading oh and its .338 lapua any advice would be appreciated

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    The response will depend on your specific chamber. However I am sure you will make use of the FLS die at some stage eg. if rounds become hard to chamber, or if you want to use some once fired brass sourced from a rifle other than yours.


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      thanks for that i have a friend that says you dont have to worry about the shoulder length because it will expand to my chamber but then im told otherwize from other shooters. i know i dont have to full size it everytime and i dont know how often i it gets too hard to chamber?

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    A lot of this is also dependant on what you are shooting for, eg hunting, long range target shooting, etc and also what the rifle/barrel is.
    Some people neck size until they feel difficulty closing the bolt. Then FLS and start again. Others FLS every time to ensure easy chambering. Most say there is accuracy benefits of neck sizing, I agree. Also case life is extended.

    Depending on your chamber dimensions, neck sizing may be able to be done numerous times prior to FLS. Others will require it frequently. There are lots of variables, other than chamber dimensions as well, like the dimensions of your dies, your powder load, etc. Best to just start neck sizing, and ask the forum more questions if you need.


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      I have only neck sized my 338 wm and found after 4 reloads I had to full length resize


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        as i said earlier what many do and this is what i do. I use a F/L die with a neck bushing then i set the die to only bump the shoulder back .001" meaning that every firing the case is exactly the same. you do need a head space comparator like the one from hornady. I do this every time and have never used a neck die on my match brass there is very little working of the case body