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  • 8208 vs bm2

    hi all,
    as i have not yet burnt 8208, or put it through a powder thrower, i ask the following to those who have;

    does 8208 meter more consistantly compare to bm2, or is it about the same.
    i have a good quality powder thrower.
    primarily for 22-250.

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    The grains are significantly larger, depending on your powder thrower you may cut the grains a bit more (I find I do with a cylinder type thrower).

    So far I get better results with 8208 in my 22-250 (under half MOA) but is going a slower speed. Im yet to find the absolute sweet spot for BM2, sub MOA but not as good as 8208.


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      I don't know about significantly larger, I would say slightly larger. I use an RCBS Powder Thrower (Cylinder Type) and don't notice a lot of cutting grains compared to BM2. ADI AR2208 or AR2209 and above is what cutting grains is all about. My Powder Thrower is many years old and the cylinder has been polished internally, sharp edges removed to improve consistancy.

      BM 8208 on the Left, BM2 on the right .....

      BM 8208 ......

      BM2 ......


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        Yep your right, I was thinking of 2208

        Dyslexic moment silly me! I have got 8208 but havent tried it with the 22-250 - yet. It is my next goto powder for the 22-250 if I cant find the sweet spot on BM2.


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          Thought they may have been a mix up.

          Pity they didn't call it Bench Mark 3 but as I know talking to a mate at ADI it was to please the Yanks.


          • adamjp
            adamjp commented
            Editing a comment
            BM 8208 has been sold in the USA now for over two years as IMR 8208.

            When talking with Thales Mulwala before 8208 was released in Australia I strongly suggested that they call it BM3, and I know I wasn't the only person thinking that way. IMHO BM8208 is a compromise.

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          Cant say I have tried 8208 in my .22-250 but have tried BM2, 2208 & W760.
          W760 was by far the most accurate & also metered the best being a ball powder!
          Still going to give the 8208 a try at some point but it will have to be something amazing to beat what I am getting with the W760!!!!