Remington LR primers duds?

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  • Remington LR primers duds?

    Brought some remington LR primers a cpl of months ago made up just under 50 rounds so far. 5 duds tried giving a cpl another go still nothing.

    So is there an issue with them lately? I have fired 100 factory rounds 3 different manufactures no problems.
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    30-06 . 308 . 223 . 22lr . 177air and now an O/U 12g

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    See it wasn't my fault...Pffffttttttttt


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      How new is your Rifle.

      What do the primers look like compared to the factory ammo.

      If it's new or old for that matter I would pull the bolt apart and clean any crud, grease or whatever from inside and around the firing pin then put back together with a very light coat of quality thin gun oil.

      I had this happen to a brand new Sako .223 with Remington SR Primers. The factory grease / heavy oil was causing a light primer strike. Not one happened ever again after cleaning the bolt. In my case I had a CZ 527 and every miss fire from the Sako went off in the CZ.

      May not be your cause but worth considering.


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        Its about 2 months in my hands. Have had no problems with factory rounds. This is the first time in 30 years of reloading I have had duds.

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      i brought 200 remington 9 1/2 (large rifle) primers and so far have had 2 miss fires and a hang fire. at least i heard the pin click then a small delay and bang! these were in a browning a bolt 22-250

      i brought them to get me out of trouble as i normally use winchester large rifles


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        A couple of blokes in our club are having misfires with Remington Small Pistol Primers.
        The guys usually use Federal, but they are in short supply.

        Maybe the misfires are through their whole range of primers.