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  • .38 Super minor loads

    Can anyone recommend a good load for .38 super minor load using AP50 and 125gn cn?

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    Just loaded some, 3.8 AS50 under 125 Hawkesbury's. Nice consistant 130 power factor.



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      Just tested some 38 Super loads this week - 125 grain Sure Shot (coated lead) RN with 4.3 AP50 = average 1110fps and 139 power factor. Oal 32.0mm
      Normal IPSC competition load is 4.9 grains of Unique with 125 RN = average 1130 fps and 141 power factor. Same length.
      Trying AP50 as Unique is hard to get currently in Sydney.

      Paul D


      • dansedgli
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        Are yours AP50 or AS50 7600?

        My minor loads are currently 3.8 grains of AS30N under a 135 grain HRBC RN.

        Trying Win 231 next.

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      Open Gun or Standard/Production Gun or Revolver???

      In a open gun or revolver you will a bit more to make PF because of the compensator/cylinder gap....

      I run 4.0of VV n320 with a 135RN westcasting in my S&W 627 38 Super revolver with 5 port barrel which gives me 950 fps average 128 PF

      Ap50 is a similar burning speed to n320

      Hope that helps