Hornady 7mm AMAX .... production suspended !!

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  • Hornady 7mm AMAX .... production suspended !!

    As the title says Hornady have suspended there production of the 162 AMAX bullets until further notice. I believe this is due to the fact they want to concentrate on the more popular bullets that they produce to keep up with the demand in the States atm. I love this bullet and sourced the last 12 boxes in Brisbane today which should keep me going for a year or two as i only use them for hunting. If you use this bullet i would be making phone calls in the morning.

    Hornady have just got back to me and it's the whole AMAX line that's being suspended atm ...bugger

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      30cal amax are impossible to find in middle weights at the moment. Its a shame they are stopping production and i know a lot of people will be dissapointed and need to find a new projectile.

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    NO. Tell me it isn't so. my fav rifle/fav load is 208 amaxs at 2940ft/sec. I'll puke then cry if they stop making them.


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      Makes me happy that I stocked up on amax/vmax/zmax at the start of the year.

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    Seddo, that looks like the LGS store shelf.