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  • 22-250 reloading problem

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for some help reloading for my Tikka T3 Lite 22-250.

    I've been developing loads using brand new Remington brass (F/L sized, just in case,) 55 gr Nosler BTs and Benchmark 2 powder. I'm using Benchmark as it was recommended to me by a mate who reloads 22-250.

    Anyway, at the range today I wanted to test a some of these loads. The rifle has been sighted in with Remington factory 55gr SP ammo at 100yd, I checked this again this morning and it was bang on. I moved on to testing some hand loads, 3 shot groups at a time, working up from the starting load, but found that none of these rounds were even on paper at 100yds. Thinking maybe the scope had been knocked or come loose in the mounts, I checked these and found no problem. I swapped back to factory ammo and it was still bang on. In past experience, obviously the POI is very different between hand loads and factory ammo, but I've never known it to not be on paper at all.

    Any idea what might be causing this problem? I reload for 4 other calibres and have never seen anything like it. One idea I had was to try different powder, I have some 2206H and 2208 at home.

    What do you guys think?

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    Strange one mate, no doubt about that, what powder charge are you starting at? I honestly can't think of anything at this stage that would cause it to completely miss paper.

    How big are these paper targets?

    Did you go back to the factory stuff after the hand loads? if so were they still bang on as per normal? does sound like a scope or mount issue to me.

    Edit: just re read the post, so its still ok with factory ammo, What weight Projie are these handloads? I run 2206H in my 22.250 and its fine, shoots real well, 2208 should be fine too, plenty of people use that in em.

    I think Send-it is right, move the target into 50m and see if you can get it on paper then once ya do go back to the 100m and see what happens there.
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      bring target in closer and repeat the process.
      until you get it on paper you wont know.


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        Targets are the SSAA ones with 6 individual targets on them, so maybe A3 size or a little longer.

        Yep I swapped back to factory afterwards and they are still bang on.

        Don't have the charges with me but they were out of Nick Harvey's volume 9 book, not particularly hot based on what other data I could find.

        Thanks Send-it, might try at 25/50 yds next time.


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          Mate, you haven't mentioned what charge of BM2 you have put in the case so might be a bit hard for anyone to help. When I had a 22-250 I was getting good results using 2206, unfortunately no longer available, so maybe try 2206H but it does seem a bit peculiar that your loads won't hit the paper


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            Sorry I don't have the exact loads with me at the moment but from memory they were in 0.5 gr increments from 32 gr - 34 gr BM2, groups of 3 of each charge.


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              This is off the ADI website

              55 GR. SPR SP Bench Mark 2 0.224" 2.350" Min 31.6 3532 46200 cup Max 33.6 3674 50200 cup

              Strange how your using the same weight Projie ie 55gn and ya still not even on paper with the H/loads.
              Whacking Varmints is my passion!


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                They're not tearing themselves apart at about 25m from being spun to hard? Maybe reduce the range of your target to 50m and try again and see if you get something on paper. An observer might help to to simply watch what's happening during the shot.


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              Just an idea, dont mean to be a smart arse but check your powder scales,and thrower I saw a friend have the same problem and he found that he was throwing 16 grns not 26 grns


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                Double check your scales or thrower, you might be getting light loads, I doubt your loads would be over charged enough to put the shots over the top of factory, without obvious pressure signs. Otherwise no idea

                Edit. beaten to it..


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                  Thanks for all the ideas guys, will try tomorrow at 50 yds with someone spotting the shots.

                  I did these up using my Chargemaster which I calibrate each time, might get the old Lee thrower and beam scales out just to be extra sure of the charge, not that my Chargemaster has let me down for any other calibre.


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                    The only time I've encountered this problem is when trying to throw a pill too heavy for the twist rate, but at 55gn it's well within a 22-250. How very odd!

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                  Remington factory load = 3625 (on average tested)
                  1:14 is a slow twist, so shouldn't over rev the bullets.
                  curious as to why they're not on paper somewhere.
                  I've ran 40gr vmax's at over 4150 with good accuracy. I'd be surprised if the 55's were spinning apart.
                  but,.....you never can always tell.


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                    Well, Bullet weight isn't the issue, bullet length is, Anything longer than 0.75 inches will be unstable, not sure what the length of the pills in question is but it would be worth a check.

                    You're are right in the over spinning part, Its early and my coffee hadn;t set in yet, It's the other way around...

                    EDIT:Just checked Noslers website, http://www.nosler.com/ballistic-tip-varmint/, ballistic tips (55grains) are 0.810", Stability is the issue, try a Flat based bullet or go lighter if you want to use a bout tail, 40-45 grain will be the go, Flat base you can go 55ish, I'd check the bullet length and limit them to sub 0.75"


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                  Im in the process of working up a load with the same caliber and the same projectiles and same powder but in a rem700.

                  I very much doubt the projectiles are coming apart from overspin. All of my starting loads were on paper and higher than the 4000fps factory loads I normally use (suggesting even though they're a heavier projectile they have a better ballistic coefficient) even though the loads were in the 3600-3800fps range.

                  Its far more likely you're loading light for some reason. I would suggest checking the weights of the powder.
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                    Ok Going to Nip this in the Butt right now, IT AIN"T OVER SPINNING!, I suggested it at 6:30 am, What it is is the opposite, Insufficient stability, the Length of the Nosler BT's is 0.8" which is too long for the 1:14 twist, they are not being stabilised. Well from the information given is in my mind the only logical explanation unless there are other factors at play!

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                    Did the OP find the issue?

                    I reload my 22-250 with the same nosler 55 gr Bts - but i use the adi 2208 and around the 35gr mark ( wont say my exact weight as it may not work for you ) and have no issue at all

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                  well we'll just have to wait till we see some holes in paper.

                  then again,.......they could be awesome,......just a big diff in point of impact perhaps.


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                    It may well be a stability/twist rate issue but I would double check your powder charges to be sure your reloads are not undercharged and if you have any left I would be pulling them and checking as a light powder charge can be just as dangerous as an overload


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                      Originally posted by Strikey" post=45832
                      It may well be a stability/twist rate issue but I would double check your powder charges to be sure your reloads are not undercharged and if you have any left I would be pulling them and checking as a light powder charge can be just as dangerous as an overload
                      99% sure Andy nailed it - but it can't hurt to pull one and just double check to be sure.

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                      I think its a light charge, its increasing the pressure sending it over the top of the target. If it was dropping short you would see the dirt fly up.

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                    Have used 55 grn bullets in a .222 with a 1 in 14 twist (A Tikka M55) without problems EXCEPT for some Sierra Blitzkings (green polymer tip), these would not shoot accurately due to being slighty longer than any other projectile previously tried. They hit the target I was aiming at at 100 metres but was a large group.
                    As an experiment I removed the polycarbonate tip (with an abrasive wheel) on some of the remaining ammo. The resulting ammo shot much better. A long flat group with very little vertical dispersion, due to a crosswind at the time.
                    Also had a similar problem with 95 Sierra Matchkings in a .243. Slightly too long for the twist rate (1 in 10) Four shots made a square group at 100 metres with a side length of 6 inches.

                    I think it may be powder charge problem (not as much as you think).
                    This post may be fact or opinion, it is up to you to decide which.


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                      As an experiment I removed the polycarbonate tip (with an abrasive wheel) on some of the remaining ammo. The resulting ammo shot much better.[/quote]

                      might try that just for giggles