22-250 and zmax projectile questions

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  • 22-250 and zmax projectile questions

    greetings fellow shooters , advice is needed ! - i currently reload with Nossler BT .224 proj in 55 gr - recently its been getting harder to get these projectiles so thinking of changing to the zmax , which someone had suggested to me as there cheaper and meant to be good and available in bulk

    Now my question is , has anyone had experience with these for the 22-250 - are they getting a little light being 50r as apposed to 55 gr - i'm generally shooting foxes out to 200 with this rifle/reloads and are they still getting accuracy - 1 moa / 2 moa ect - this same projectile suits .243 rifles as well ?

    any comments in general on there performance and lastly - changing all my brass slowly to lapua - or norma -- which is the preferd or at this level - both are as good each each other ?


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    you'll find that the z-max / v-max will be ever so slightly softer constructed than the Nosler ballistic tips.
    the Noslers hold onto their bullet bases better. (barely measurable though).
    this wont hardly matter though as they're so close in performance.
    may I suggest 50gr b-tips if you cant get 55gr b-tips.
    its what I'm using as they are devastating on foxes out to 350+ yards.
    I ran them side by side with a mates 22-250 using 55's, and me using the 50's over distances.
    we couldn't tell the diff on the animals shot.
    I've used both v/z/max's and b-tips and they all shoot pretty accurate.

    what state are you in? might be able to locate bullets.


    • Vromme
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      I can also recommend the 50gn Nosler BT's.

      They are an ideal fox round, very flat and devastating, can take a foxes head almost off at 200m (have a look at foxes thread in hunting as not supposed to post pics here.) Any chest shot to 300odd is instant Bang Flop. (Possible more but I dont tend to shoot them further than that.)

      I did try BM2 which was okay
      AR2208 was better, but not the same speeds
      AR8208 seems to work best overall, similar results to 2208 but higher speeds - got to love speed!

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    These projectiles dont fit the .243.
    Unless its a typo, and you meant .223.


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      Another one worth looking at is the Sierra Super Roo, the are available for around $130 for the 1000ct pk from the shop we don't mention.

      They shoot very well in my 250 Howa and kill very well, they are the same as the Sierra Blitz King minus the plastic tip (soft point lead instead) I'm very impressed with the way they perform so much so I bought 3 boxes of them when they were on special for $110. You can buy the 100ct Pack in these too (there called Game King) and are the same projie, just that sierra package these up for the Roo Industry hence the name Super Roo.

      The Z-max and V-max are the same as far as I'm aware which is handy if you run out of Z-max and can find the V-max.

      In the pic below note the Nolsers thicker bases compared to the others.

      Sierra Super Roo Punched a hole straight through this Hardox 500 plate at 80m, other splash marks are from a 338 Lapua, 308, 223 and 222
      Whacking Varmints is my passion!


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        I believe that the difference is the V max is a "normal" swaged bullet but the Z max uses their AMP™ jacket technology which is the same as their A max and Match bullets.
        Having said that their own video says that all their bullets are now made with the AMP - so I suspect they are really the same with different colour tips - seems to be consistent with all the web stories as well.