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  • Vernier calipers.


    Sorry if I have repeated the topic. I will be starting to reload soon and I have started my small collection and a reloading kit on lay-by. I already had a Mitutoyo vernier dial caliper , but these only read down to .05mm (2 thousandths). I can guage it between the markings to give me the 1 thousandth, but my question to the reloader's is this ok or should I get a set that can read down to a thousandth?

    Thanks, Rob.

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    That is acceptable for reloading. Exception if you are a hard core bench rest or accuracy freak.


    • El-Skippo
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      Mitutoyo calipers are the ducks nuts.... But come at a price. There are many cheaper options out there, dial calipers would be more accurate the digi on the cheaper end. At the end of the day if your happy with what ya got ... Then that's all that matter's.

      I would like a Mitutoyo .001 +/- digi but no coin for it. So i'll use what i got.

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    Thanks for the replies... I'm no bench rest shooter, and I can work out 1 thousandth if I need to so I'll use what I have. I can always upgrade down the track.

    Thanks again.


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      Then again, the money you spend on something not quite good enough for what you want, can you get it back later?

      Maybe second hand cheap ones now, best ones later.

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      These are some where between $100 /150 and do the job well enough for any but the most discening shooter.
      They measure in all measurements styles and have Auto battery off when they go in the box.
      The only real finicky bit is the actual hand / thumb on slide pressure when measuring can vary them by a tiny .0000 of an inch but its no big deal once you get a feel for them.
      I doubt your hand temperature would make a lot of difference but in ultra micro fine measurements it is a consideration with any measuring tools.
      Not many of us can afford those tools.

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    I have a set of Mitutoyo that I have had for over 30 years and still as good as the day I got them I now have a digital set as my eyes are not as good as they use to be so they should do me for as long as I need them
    This isn't rocket science guys ... it's more complicated than that, and it has aspects of the Dark Arts, And this smokeless stuff will not last