221 Rem Fireball Do I give up before I start.

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  • love your work skip . that's a very nice setup you've got too. with regards the barrel profile , i handled a rem7 in 7-08 , looked like it had the same profile as your barrel . in 7-08 it had thin barrel side thickness , in 17 cal it'd be good as gold from your reports


    • Well Magoo wanted to see what the 221 shoots like. I'm no target shooter, but it turned out to be an interesting process. First off I found out why I usually sight in at 50 M & not a 100. I can see the target at 50. The target looked better than it should. You can see the first & second pair of shots are spread from 1 side to the other. But I had the ute idling all be it 1500RPM so that it takes most of the vibration away. Hadn't realised just how much it could interfere with the POI at 100M. So the 3rd & forth pair were with the engine off & were shot with a torch lighting the target. Safe to say it shoots better than I do. Well within a min. of wallaby. These were the resized 222 to 221 cases being fired for the first time.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	221 Fireball 100M 24JULY202024072020.jpg Views:	0 Size:	67.8 KB ID:	316270
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      • Looking good there Ando, if you can get a few shots touching or near, it should produce a nice 5 shot group at 100yds on a good day.

        I would do it off the ute, but with a bipod and rear bag and parked on a flat bit of ground and yeah, turn it off.
        My hardtop makes a fine mobile shooting bench, just stand up rather than sitting down.
        A calm day would be best and you may see the target better.

        I shot clays yesterday for the second time since the Covid crap, so much fun and hit more of the sporting type 5 stand than ever before.
        May be getting the hang of it and it's more fun again with the birds coming from diff directions.

        Do the little bunnyroos let you get within shotty range with everyone shooting at them?


        • Anderson
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          No one was more surprised that my shots yesterday grouped like that. The first two pairs were more the standard I was expecting. So after pair 3 & 4 I quit while I was ahead. LOL I was sitting in the drivers seat shooting as I do when spotlighting. There are a couple of spots that a shotty would be good, as they run across a track & I have no room to manoeuvre or time to do so. Son has just brought a shotty so we will have a go a those ones. Brought a thrower as well, only had time to throw 15 or so in the last weeks. Son missed the first couple but was on target after that. I hit the second of my allotted 2. Both of us haven't fired a 12g in years. I have to agree it's fun. We will take it to where we can get some angle on it then see how we do. It's calving time, we tag & weigh the calves as they drop in the paddock, so It can take a while. Along with 1600 trees we have been putting in so add in weather, time has been scarce.

      • I’ve had 250 or so shots though the Howa Mini action 20” heavy barrel 10 round double stack mag, with just a standard plastic stock. The Barrel is free floating I believe. Well for a rifle that’s not a REM 700 or a Bruno (not that I’m one eyed, much) It is a very good rifle The action is smooth & the over all length is very good to use shooting from the ute. The trigger had a fault, but as the 223 was being turned into a 221 Fireball, that was fixed at the same time & it a lovely 2 stage trigger. The “buts” are all to do with the mag. The catch for the mag works once you have it latched, it just may take some time to get it to latch, not all ways but sometimes. The other thing that “gets me” is the mag holds all the pressure applied to the rounds within the mag, no pressure is applied to the bolt to holed it closed with a round in the chamber & the bolt handle up. It just slides back. I like the handle up, it easy to check when operating in the ute, in the dark. It will hold closed with the bolt ¼ turned shut, which I guess is not too bad. As for the Rem. 221 Fireball part of the setup. Why has it taken me so long to have a 221 & why haven’t you all one in the safe? Do yourself a favour & have a look at the Rem 221 Fireball. Of cause I don’t think anyone makes them new at the moment. I’m using 55gr soft nose projectiles, 13.7gr of AR2205, once the cases are cleaned & primed, I can charge, seat & crimp a 100 in a hour. To say the 221 is accurate would be an understatement. If it’s visible in the headlights with the scope it’s easy to hit. The scope is a Burris Droptine 3-9 X 50, I use it at about 5X & as such the ballistic points are not accurate as they are set to work at 9X. The extra 600 fps almost doubles the energy compared to the 22-250 with Trail Boss powder, with a flatter trajectory I would suspect. As for the brass the Lapa brass is great & the above is using it. As for my efforts of reforming 222 brass into 221 brass, I’d be far better off sticking to farming. Out of the first 100 I had 35 to reload the second time & 3 of those didn’t pass inspection. I FLR, trimmed to length, neck turned, neck sized before loading. Blew a few necks off & popped a lot of primers. A very few worked well but not a lot. I neck turned one of the fired cases & to my surprise it took a bit off, so I did the lot. The second lot of 50 have been FLR, trimmed, neck turned, FLR, neck turn then loaded. Haven’t fired one as yet. In reloading & loading the reformed brass I noticed the primer pockets were nowhere near as tight as the Lapa brass. So the up shot of all of this is “I give up” I can’t make the brass to Lapa standard, but nor do Lapa make 221 brass at the moment, so their web site says. I have keep an eye on the net for brass & a LGS in Toowoomba has Norma brass of all types on special at the moment including 221 Fireball, so I have 200 in the post, problem solved. As a side note the new barrel for the 22-250 I ordered in April has arrived & will be fitted this weekend I hope. Just don’t know that the 22-250 will get a look in, the 221 Fireball reigns supreme in this neck of the woods.
        How to make a small fortune out of farming?
        Start with a large one!


        • great results there Anderson.
          sounds like the 221 is a dream.

          any chance you could give us some feedback on it's terminal performance on small game?


          • Not sure you have to worry about "small game" there would not be to much in Tas. that it can't drop on the spot a 150m or farther. With a head shot, which the accuracy allows you to do with ease. The Hornaday 55gr soft nose bulk pack projectiles I use are closer to their designed speed as they are deforming more I surmise as the amount of energy imparted to a wallaby is far more than with the 22-250 & TB. With the 22-250 &TB the projectiles would often pass though a wallaby with little to no deforming & little movement from the wallaby, it would just drop. With a dirt bank as a backdrop I could see the projectile hit & I would think I'd missed till I worked out what was going on. Now they are taken off their feet & the smaller ones taken backwards. Hit them low & you have a bit of a mess to put on the tray. A half grown rabbit that was too close (15m) the other night went at least 2m though a ring lock fence. I left it for the wedgetails. I can only guess it would be good for fox out to 300m & goats to 200m. The only goats I've shot have been dumped domestic ones, so have no idea what distance is involved normally. I can say I don't notice any recoil, but have had a neighbour ask what's the new toy, as it's louder. Cost wise it's basically the same as the 22-250 & TB same projectile 13 to 13.3gr TB or 13.7gr AR2205 for the Fireball. Small & large primers are the same price. The powder dispenser meters the AR2205 in the time it takes to seat a projectile so a big time saving there.
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            How to make a small fortune out of farming?
            Start with a large one!


            • Sounds like you have made a really good, tool for purpose rifle there Anderson.
              You will need at least 200 cases when you have to carry a 50 pack out for a session just to keep the supply cycling.

              The mini would suit well with the small action and bolt that is much more suited to the small cartridges, makes the 1500 model seem huge.
              They must have modded the mag catch, but still not got it right as they were too light and easy to fit and not a positive click to insert on the early models.
              They would also fallout at the drop of a hat if the long release lever was bumped with the rifle slung.
              Howa triggers seem to be a lucky dip, mine has been worked but still gets a bit of a gritty feel, should have just bought a Timney.
              Might go pull it out and do the contact cleaner and Zippo thing as I looked into it further with another Bolt Action Productions vid on trigger maint.
              The Zippo lighter fluid dries up and works like a dry lube, he said don't go sparingly, give it heaps.


              • Yes 200 cases is the minimum to keep things rolling. Reloading 100 batchers works for me, 25, 22 -250 in the ultrasound is a nice load. 40 to 50 221. Early on I would have to reload 100 to get through the lunar cycle. I needed 200 & a reload because of numbers in March & April, they tend to be big numbers not going much over the summer. Doesn't get dark to late in Tas. & silage making as well, so now that the numbers are down I get lazy over the summer. A couple of months ago I shot only one wallaby in the last paddock of the night. So I just tossed it over the wallaby fence. I noticed that hole had no activity for weeks afterwards. I have tried leaving some near the other holes & it seems to work. Not good on the shooting side of things, but good for the grass.
                Didn't realise the triggers were a problem on the Howa in general. Mine had a burr on it, with that removed & a polish it's great. Don't think any amount of lube would of help mine without being pulled apart. Haven't had the mag fall out, once it's in. 9 rounds feeds a lot better than 10 in the mag, the extra round tends to drag the next couple forward with it & they won't feed. A filler in the front of the mag would help with the shorter 221's.
                How to make a small fortune out of farming?
                Start with a large one!


                • The triggers can be OK, my mates early model mini was fine but the light mag release spring sent me to Tikka.
                  It was a .223 and shot great as most Howas do. It fed well as long as you pulled the bolt back to the stop.

                  My .223 is a Weatherby Vanguard S2 and has a great 2 stage trigger that I have never touched but Weatherby has them made to their own specs and the triggers are said to not be interchangeable.

                  I pulled the trigger out of my Howa and gave it the contact cleaner and Zippo treatment, feels good.
                  It wasn't dirty and the trigger guy should have polished any rough edges.
                  I should strip it but I hate fiddly tiny spring jobs.