70 grain nosler BT's for .243

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  • 70 grain nosler BT's for .243

    Any one running these projectiles? I was looking for a load using 2206H or BM8208. I have loaded up some for ladder and group testing but wouldn't mind heading out Saturday week which won't give me time to load test then roll some more so I was going to load up 30 rounds 10 for zeroing and to "coat" barrel with copper then 20 for a night out (probably only use 1-2 rounds but I hate running out of bullets) They will be going through the Howa. I'm not looking for pinpoint accuracy just minute of fox.

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    Afraid I run my 243 on 2208 so I can't help.
    I ran 75gn Sierra HP on 36.5 gn but I've just flipped to the 95gn Nosler BT. Very good results with 33.5gn


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      I've loaded them for my weatherby .243 but I used 2208 with sub moa groups at 100m. The destructive power on foxes is phenomenal. Will be interested to hear how you go with bm8208 as I was looking to try that out at the time.


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        same here, i run 39 grains of 2208 and can put 5 * 70 gn nosler b/tips inside 1" @ 100 yrds easily