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  • cheap 308 cast projectiles

    hey guys just another questions that seems to get asked a lot but I cant seem to find any answers. i'm chasing some heavy 308 cast projectiles for my 300blk. I mean by heavy 180gn+ ive looked on hrnc and westcasting but cant seem to find anything im after.would some be able to pint me in the right direction? they will be just for plinking so don't have to be anything fancy and will only be driven about 1000fps. And before any suggests casting my own im very time poor and prefer to be shooting with what free time I have rather then casting.

    thanks fellas.

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    sorry about all the typeos. stupid touch screen phone and fat fingers don't get along well.


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      180gn + would be a casting proposition only. I have 180gn RCBS and 210gn Lyman, I could sent you a few to try!

      What twist is your barrel
      Hold still varmint, whilst I plugs ya!


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        Lighter than you want but spartan make a 168 which I am playing with for some trailboss loads. They were $60 for 500.