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  • .310 cadet

    Hi guys tried searching and cant seem to find anything. im just about to start reloading for my dads old cadet and don't really know what projectiles I should get. there seems to be a few different dia? I reload for a few other calibres so everything else should be ok just not sure about projectile choice. was looking a HRBC range. Would I be better of trying to slug the bore or should I be fine just grabbing some? any help would be great thanks

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    The .310 cadet uses a rebated base projectile- similar in principal to .22lr projies.

    Hawkesbury make projies designed and intended for the .310 [thats what got the company up and running]

    So....Hawkesbury .310 cadet projies should be fine for your rifle- but if you want to make sure, do a chamber casting, if the casting shows you need a different projie- either get a mould from "Cast Bullet Engineering" or contact the other projie casters to see if they make what suits your rifles dimensions.

    Northern Smelters, QLD, sell chamber casting alloy and will post it to you- and its dirt cheap and easy to do.
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      The .310 could have one of two diameter bores .316 or I think .323? I think? Memory hazy.
      Slugging the bore will help but you will hit a wall getting a measurement, most had five groove rifling.

      Pretty sure HBRBC make the two diferent dia bullets. Could keep it simple and pick the one that don't rattle up the tube.

      These options were not out there when I had a .310. After trying all maner af .312, .311 and .308 jacketed bullets targets had some real good key holes . Found out the hard way oversize bore!
      Did get results with .314 hollow base wad cutters intended for the 32S&W. Light loads only or the bullet will loose the skirt in the barrel... Dangerous!!

      Eventually had that gun fitted with a Sprinter 32-20WCF barrel because CBE moulds and HBRBC were not available to me then.

      That was all in my first reloading project too, nothing like a deep end hey.


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        I get great results form the following.

        HRBC .310 copper hawks, 039 dipper of Trailboss Powder, Remington small rifle primers.

        I just clean,deprime, reprime, add powder, seat the bullet...then finally resize the round. I use a lee die and they have issues. This stops the issue.

        Sounds crazy but it works for me really well.



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          So I've got the projectiles and dies and powder. Just wondering if someone could help me out with some starting loads. I've got 2205 or trail boss and do I just use small rifle primers?
          Thanks again guys


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            ADI handloaders guide off the net, 120gr bullet 9gr AR-2205.

            110gr bullet 11gr AR-2205.

            These are listed for the Martini action and are listed as max loads.

            Personally I'd reduce these by 10% and work up carefully.

            Trailboss, normal prosess is work out where the base of the bullet will sit in the case, fill the case with trailboss to this point and weigh. 70% of that weight is your starting load. Max load is capacity ie powder just touching bullet.

            Just to give an idea, in my 25-20 using Trailboss with the 87gr bullet starting load works out at 2.5gr and [email protected] 900fps. The most accurate.
            3.6gr= 1150fps working up to 4gr no gain in velocity but groups blow right out.


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              Ah, the 310 Martini Cadet , so many myths and untruths!

              There were two suppliers of Cadet rifles in Australia, BSA and WW Greener. The BSA barrels were 0.316 whilst the Greeners were 0.320 - 0.323.

              So starting with the BSA at .316, you can use a conventional non-heeled bullet of .317 diameter and load as you would for any normal cartridge!

              The Greeners having a larger bore require a heeled bullet of a diameter .323 to fill in the slack in the chamber and the bore compared to the BSA.

              Then you get some Cadets that were "chambered"for the 32/20. Rubbish, the 310 reamer was run into the chamber to the depth of the 32/20 and the rim cut a little deeper to take the thicker rim. A fired cartridge bears absolutely no resemblance to a 32/20 Winchester. I prefer to call this cartridge the .310 Magnum! So if your rifle will take a 32/20 it is a 310 Magnum and to use .310 Cadet ammo you will have a serious headspace problem

              Here is a photo of the 3 cartridges side by side, 310 Cadet, 310 Magnum, 32/20 (neck expanded to .317) ready to fireform

              My loads use a small pistol primer (Martini's have a weak spring) a CBE bullet Cat No 125.317, 4,5gns AP70 in the Cadet and 5.5gns AP70 in the 310 Magnum.

              These loads have always shot exceptionally well as this 100yd target with the 310 Magnum indicates;

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                I'll second the load of 4.5gr AP70 and pistol primers - it was always the most consistent and accurate load in my cadets (all BSAs). I've tried AR2205 and found that even a starting load of 9.5gr was too much and I had extraction issues (3 different cadets). I had to work back to 8gr to never get a hard to extract case. I prefer to treat these little babies gently.