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  • Calibre change

    Realised I didn't have any ammo loaded for a comp next weekend and need 200rds. Decided to do a full calibre change on the Hornady LNL-AP instead of loading them on the single stage.
    Took me 50min from when I opened the shed door until the first loaded round went in the ammo box. Hornady claim 5-10min for a calibre change and I expect it is quite achievable once you have things sorted.
    I had to set up the dies in the LNL bushings, drain the powder thrower and reset it and also set up a RCBS lockout die that I haven't done before. With the dies set up it is probably a 10min job, add a calibre specific case activated powder drop and a thrower insert pre set and I would say 2-3min would be all it takes.
    Anyway even with the slow change over still only took 1:20hr to load them so saved at least 40min against doing them on the single stage.

    The RCBS lockout die locks to be a great thing, pulled things up on one load as an over charge, when I checked the weight it was 0.4gr over what I was loading. When I get some more time I will check to see what it will let through as far as under or over weight.

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    Will be interesting to see if they are as accurate out of tbe progressive as the single stage!