Air Gunners Swap Shop for reloading?

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  • Air Gunners Swap Shop for reloading?

    I think that we need a Swap shop for the reloading guys

    so we can off load anything we are not using anymore instead of throwing them

    what do you guys think ?

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    Sounds like a good idea, but could it be done through the classifieds?
    Lets say some one has 100 x .224" 55gr projectiles if they listed these in the classifieds for trade or swap would it no be fair to pay for postage or maybe $0.05 per projectile (or 50% of initial projectile cost)?
    Air pellets are much cheaper than reloading projectiles so its wold be easier to give them away, but then if you are reloading and want to try some new stuff out $5 plus postage is probably cheaper than buying from your LGS


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      good point didn't think of the classifieds