Reloading in high humidity?

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  • Reloading in high humidity?

    This might sound stupid but should I hold off reloading until the humidity drops ?
    I'm in Townsville NQ there has been a bit of rain and its quite hot and humid .
    Cheers Mat.

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    Never stopped me, just don't leave your powder exposed for long periods, for the little time it sits in a closed hopper...meh....


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      • Vromme
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        A de-humindifier may be the go if you want to be sure.

        It could be an interesting experiment. Running a small batch when humidity is very high and compare to the same load with low/normal humidity and see if you have a different poi.

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      nope, never bothered with any of the above. Been reloading to shoot before, through and after the buildup and havn't seen any difference in performance. I have heard that certain powders don't cope well with large variances in temperature and humidity but using ADI powders seems to work for me.