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  • Crimped Primer Pocket-Hornady

    Hey guys.
    Had a bit of a rocky start to First was a stuck case on resize number 2 (not enough lube), then me struggling to set up the die correctly

    New problem is... i just prepped 50 hornady once fired brass (.30. They came up great in the end. Only problem is now i know what crimped primer brass is and how primers dont like to seat into them

    Just did a quick search. Came up with swagers and reamers. What is the best/cheaper method for removing the crimp? Or am i best to chuck my nice, prepped brass that took me ages to achieve..haha

    Any guidence would be great. Anyone else come up against hornady crimped brass?

    Click image for larger version

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    No need to chuck it just give give it a light turn with your neck chamfer tool until the crimp is gone


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      Originally posted by Y-T" post=33131
      No need to chuck it just give give it a light turn with your neck chamfer tool until the crimp is gone
      Cheers Whitey

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    Yep I stuffed up a couple of cases too.
    Easy fix : get a star point tool like for a teck screw / Phillips head that definitely won`t fit in the primer pocket.
    Grind the point off it till it just fits in the start of the primer pocket and then add a very light almost zero angle grind to the font edges of the tool .
    You can even have almost zero rake on the leading edges of it and then you chuck it in your little hand power drill and just push the shells up against it while it spins the crimp out.
    Go easy on the pressure and you won`t have a sore hand or thumb from doing the job.
    Once I get some more time I will make tools to do this stuff from old small dead hand drills chucks already threaded just need to be fitted to a sewing machine motor --foot pedal controls and all -- beat the crap out of drills with batteries and all that charging and stuff.
    Cant afford a lathe so it will do those jobs
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      Great, thanks for the feedback guys. Im going to go buy some brass anyway to get up and running. Will buy a pocket reamer and use all the hornady brass for a different load later on. Will have around 140 of them so dont want to waste it.

      Cheers again