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    Hello Reloaders!
    I have recently acquired a model 53 Winchester lever action in 32/20 and am after some loading info for it.
    I have looked on the web and seen various different loads but they are either flat-out magnum type loads for silhouette shooting or dribbler cowboy loads.
    I have tried Unique and you struggle to see it in the bottom of the shell(to easy to double charge). I have tried 2205......fired 2x shots and now the action has un burnt powder in it.
    What I am after is a mild load that does about 1200-1350fps and more than 1/2 fills the shell when using a 100grn FN lead projectile.......
    Has anybody had experience using powders such as IMR 4227, Reloader 7, Trailboss, VV N-110, VV N-120,Alliant 2400 or AR2207?
    Is Alliant 2400 like AR2205 in that it leaves unburnt powder in the barrel?

    I would appreciate your input with this!

    Cheers, Pilch303
    Oh dear, how sad....never mind.

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    32-20 is a sweet little cartrige, unfortunatly I no longer own one. Use to have one on a Martini action, as for reloading it was too long ago to remember exactly what was working for me.
    I do now own a Winchester 92 25-20 so at least we're sill in the same family.
    Unburned powder with 2205 is just the nature of the powder, you will get it and there is nothing to be alarmed about. No point swiching to 4227 because it is exactly the same powder. AR2205 is exported as H4227.

    You could try a slight reduction in the charge and adding a little dacron filler. This method works a treat in my 25-20, 7gns of 2205 dacron .2gn approx and 87gn cast bullet gives me 1300fps.
    Dacron will do a number of things, keeps the powder against the primer and eliminates position sensitivity.
    Reduces amount of unburned powder. Acts as a buffer between powder and bullet therefore reduces gas cutting.
    And to some extent acts as a scraper in the bore and reduces fouling.

    When loading for my 32-20 I did have good results with W231 and a 115gn cast bullet. W296 gave a cleaner burn than 2205 but I believe you can run into trouble reduce loads with W296.
    I would doubt Trailboss yould yeild the velocities you want, 1150fps is it in my 25-20 with Trailboss.

    Hope this is of some help.


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      I also have a Model 53 and have a 92 on the way. I also have two Savage 23C's, one scoped, one open sights. I use 13gr 2205 with Hornady .312 100gr XTP's .
      I prefer either 100 or 115gr bullets but can only source 100gr and I think 90gr XTP's locally so it's 100's. They're a bit dear for the amount I use so I have ordered a Lee .311 100gr mold, once again bugger all choice. The barrels slug at .311 to .312 so not ideal. I cast for other calibers so one more won't matter. I have tried AP70 but am not impressed, for me 2205 is heaps better. I have tried 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 grains and find 13 the best. I tested at 50 and 100 meters. I don't have a chrony so fps is unknown. Hope this helps. I am also looking for a 32-20 revolver if anyone knows of one for sale.
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        I have a 32/20 1892 lever action and I just love it. Its a real little gem to shot.

        I reload with Trailboss powder from a levelled of 052 Lee dipper. No idea of the FPS of that load....just know it shoots sweet and accurate.



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          I have just loaded up some 32's using coated cast lead projies that weigh 100grns. I have some loaded with Unique, Blue Dot and Trailboss. I will try them out tomorrow and crony them and let you know how they went.
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            Try 10 gns of AR 2205 it works very well for 115,100 and 85gn projectiles- mild yet accurate about 1300fps


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              I have a old win92 32/20,which I use for single action shooting.Two years ago my gunsmith rechambered a heavy 303 barrel for me and fitted because I couldn't find any decent secondhand ones.
              Shoots so well!.Was using 10grains of 2205 with a 115 westcast proj,112 or 113 dia.Now using Trailboss with same proj,and about 3grains.wanted a very light load.Seems to go alright. 114 dia proj.do bump the pressure up a bit because of the 303 barrel.
              Great little calibre but do need a new stock if anyone has one as mine is cracked.One day will go to a 38 and retire the old 1912 Winy.


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                I finally tried the 53 Winchester out today.
                3.9grns of trailboss @1110 fps- the velocity seemed very consistent. Crony'ed 5x rounds and they varied about 15fps. Seemed accurate but quite gutless.
                5grns of unique @1400 fps- the velocity with this load also seemed consistent. 5x rounds varied about 30fps between the highest and lowest. Seemed accurate but had a bit more steam than the trailboss.....a nice mild load.
                6.8grns of bluedot @1450fps- the velocity of this load seemed very inconsistent. Between the highest and lowest was about 90fps. Not as accurate as the unique.
                All loaded with small rifle primers and 100grn 'texas' cast lead flat nose projies.

                I am going to spend more time on the bluedot. I think hotting the load up a bit might increase the accuracy and decrease the shot to shot variation in speed. The bluedot seemed milder to shoot than the unique. The up side of using unique and trailboss is the lack of unburnt powder which is a real plus when using a lever gun. The bluedot leaves a very small amount of unburnt powder but I think hotting this load up a bit will help. I am also going to experiment with NOT sizing the fired brass at all but using a lee universal expander and a lee factory crimp die to see if brass will last longer.
                Will let you know how it goes!
                Oh dear, how sad....never mind.


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                  I think you will find if you don't neck size your brass at least, the lack of uniform case neck tension will lead to problems.
                  I tryed not sizing in both 25-20 and 38spec result being bullet not held by the brass.

                  Hope your also planning on working up those fast powders in carefull small incraments eg .2 gr at a time.

                  With Trailboss 1150fps is about what I got in the 25-20 @ 3.8gr under 87gr bullet, working to 4gr velocity started to drop again.

                  1400fps/ unique/100gr would be very useable! How did that one group?