Cleaning after resizing brass?

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  • Cleaning after resizing brass?

    How many guys re tumble or Ultra sonic clean after lubing and resizing?

    Im doing my first ever batch now. After US cleaning and then reizing, the brass has finger print stains and looks...well shit. It doesnt matter, but what are your methods to prevent this + removing left over lube?


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    a quick rub with a soft clean rag does it for me.
    just so there's no lube on the outside attracting dust/dirt etc.


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      if it's a big batch i put the cases in a container with some shellite or wax and grease remover and shake around then i sp\read them on a towel to dry

      for small batches i just wipe them with a rag and some shellite



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        I tumble after I have done all my sizing and trimming. ( I don't like doing things twice )

        My Roo loads ( will get a clean when I fl size and trim ) gen they are shot then collet neck sized then primed, loaded, fired. Without seeing a clean.


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          Metho rinse and air dry out in the sun on a towel works. Or a heat shrink gun $20 from masters. Works on rainy, overcast days or at night.

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        I ultrasonic clean mine after i,m done


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          Cheers guys. I might just give them a metho bath and wipe them down after. See how they turn out.


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            Originally posted by pete86" post=32648
            Cheers guys. I might just give them a metho bath and wipe them down after. See how they turn out.
            If the wife not home ( metho bath ) then retrieve your cases ( in a bake tray they go ) then in the oven for a few minutes ( to dry them )

            I norm just put them on a towel and then outside they go, too dry.

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          they look newer than new ones.


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            I saw Skips results on the old forum and basically copy his process, all be it on the cheap (I don't have a tumbler of awesomeness )

            I recon it's the dishwasher tablet that does the business, no tarnishing at all, even after handling.

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          So here`s me getting into this fussy cleaning stuff as well and yep it looks nice too.
          One thing I did find a long time back is if you handle loaded brass and you have some of the gun cleaning oils on the gun bolt it will stain and leave fingerprints forever on the brass.
          I was using the old three shells between the fingers trick with Omarks [single shot loading and on the mark ready so to speak ] and one brand of gun lube [forget its name now but it won`t ever polish out no matter how hard you try
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            I use a cotton glove to avoid handling with bare hands.....

            Works a treat.