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  • On line reloading supplies.

    What's the best online reloading supplier in Australia?
    Looking to get some new brass and the local blokes are all out of stock.

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    Just off the top of my head try NIOA, Midway Aust. Luckily my local guy is competitive, just slow.


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      BRT, western firearms, hunting haven,,, google not working

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    Shooters wholesale have been good to me over the last few years.

    Alibas also ... Since opening shop. Not so much online back then. Just a tingle ( I want this this this ... Pay ) if in stock it's at my door. If not it comes later

    As to prices.....look at it like this. They got something you want when others do not. So I cough up the few $ more if need be.


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      Hinterland Shooting Supplies have been good.

      Sorry, your after brass, im not sure HSS sell brass. I have bought heaps of stuff online from abelas gun shop also.

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    Not in Australia but they do perform well and have good stock.. reloadinginternational.com
    You will need a b709 though


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      I have found Western Firearms quite good, particularly round Lee reloading gear as they are the importer.


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        I get all my stuff from shooters wholesale warehouse, western firearms, and midway Australia on eBay. EBay is good for used none common/rare dies.


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          Thanks for the reply's.
          Anyone had any dealings with "All Things Shooting"????

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        I bought a fair bit of stuff from ammunitiongalore (dot) com (dot) au and each time it has been a regular old deal.
        Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200.


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          DeadMeat, hotshots by any chance? :P

          Back to topic, I've had good dealings with Western firearms in regards to brass, bullet moulds and the like.


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            SA rifle association have good prices on a fair bit of gear. If it isn't listed on the website they will order it in for you.

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            I don't know about being the "best online store" but safari & the gunsmiths normally have a fair bit of brass in stock.
            I find t easier just to call stores if I'm after something specific!

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          BRT best retail therapy (bench rest training)
          These guys are good
          I shoot 260r and neck down 30-06 ,270, 308 to 260r i use a K&N neck turner to chamber fit my necks My concentricity gauge is very very accurate and i have no issues other than the dreaded donut as my cases don't allow for brass flow being custom fitted to my chamber I have corrected this by cutting into the shoulder with my neck turner to allow the case to accept material when fired
          Why would AI be any different after fireforming
          Not being a smart ass
          You might teach me something Im very interested
          17mk2 annie , 22lr 1712 annie silhouette, sakoP94s ,221 fireball rem700 , 204 sako 85 hunter ,222 sako85 hunter ,223 sako85s x2 ,260r sako85 ,6.5x55sako75 ,7mmrem mag sako 85 ,308 sako 85 308 finnwol,30-06 sako85 ,375H&H sako85 ,460wm Weatherby custom ,12gsingle and double ,410 double, 17air, 22PCP


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            Primers are "Dangerous Goods" and will attract an additional charge for transport. Aust.Post will not carry them. Powder is a real problem in NSW. Workcover requires propellant powder be transported in the same way as explosives. That is why there have been supply problems for powder in NSW. Winchester Aust. is now distributing ADI powders throughout Aust and has purchased special vehicles for this task. Dealers now get a delivery about once each 3 months. NIOA is still having problems delivering outside QLD.
            Projectiles and brass are OK, just heavy. Aqusport in Brisbane carry a lot of "Starline" brass so try Gold Coast Shooters Supplies for what you need.
            At $7.00 a hundred over the counter, primes are cheap. Freight would eat up any savings made by buying on line, probably end up costing you more than your local dealer would sell them to you for.


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              After reading the last page and a bit on this thread. It's getting off topic and will be cleaned up.

              If you go to this allthingsshooting site and read the FAQ and terms and conditions you'll find the answers you seek.

              Re the number: You'll find at the bottom of the FAQ, seeing its a mobile number and the up to 28 for delivery except for special order items will take longer. Would say to me that this is a home company providing a service via online only and isn't a shop front.

              Your reminded that you have rights under Australian consumer law for goods and services.

              Members are reminded that bashing lgs or online stores will not be tolerated on this site. You all have been warned, enforced holidays and or bans will take place.

              As to the site allthingsshooting it's your decision to use them for your supply's. Read the FAQ and terms prior to committing to the purchase or if you wish to use there service.


              Shooting Australia Admin

              To the members that have a current issue ( you know who you are ) I'm reminding you, to take it via PM and keep it off the site.