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  • 25 cal Hunting Projectiles?

    Gday All!
    I just came into ownership of a 303/25 (No.4), 8x Jap Tasco and a set of 2 simplex dies (FL and Seating).

    I've necked down 50 303 cases (that I had trimmed to 303 length) and am ready to start load development.

    I'm after suggestions for 25 cal (.257) projectiles for hunting.
    This rifle fills the gap between the open sighted 303 and the scoped 223. Its role is effectively a second rifle in the car with the 223 and main targets will be fox/cat, dog, goat, pig and fallow. All shot under 200m and most under 100m.

    In the 223, I'm shooting 55gr Sierra SPBT over 26.3gr of 2208. I've chosen these rounds as they seem to have a slightly more robust jacket and offer better penetration than others in that weight range (and cost around $120 for 1000!!!).

    Does anyone have any suggestions on relatively cheap projectiles that will do the job on the above mentioned game?

    Also, if anyone has any excess 25 cal projectiles they would like to give/sell me so I can begin load development, I'd appreciate it.


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    congrats on the 303/25.
    actually a very handy sized cartridge/rifle combo.
    considering you want a projectile to "do it all", from cats to pigs etc, a bullet wieght of around 75 to 85gr should be sufficient.
    but without knowing what your particular rifle likes, you may find yourself either just over or just under those wieghts.
    sierra, nosler, speer, hornady, berger, all make good 'allrounders' in this calibre.
    any chance you could keep us informed on how it turns out for you?
    would be interested.


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      My 257 Roberts loves the 87gr Hornady. I am sure you will find something. Welcome to the Quarter Bore Club.