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  • Neck turning lapua cases

    Will I see noticeable benefits neck turning lapua cases. Considering a Sinclair nt 4000. Calibers considered 260 rem and 338 lapua


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    Prob not......if your chamber is a no turn.

    I have never done it, but the Lap case's are pretty darn good out the box.


    • jasmay
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      For hunting, I would not bother turning Lapua unless your doing some real long range stuff.

      I would certainly consider it with the lower end brass, I am have seen some woeful variances in my time, but skim clean, don't do a full turn, if as skip says you have a no turn chamber.

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    I've had the 338 out to 700m but would like to go to 1000 m the rifle is a sako trg42

    Thx for the advice


    • El-Skippo
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      Ya should have no prob's getting 1000k and beyond. Neck turning or not neck turning.....The biggest verabile is US ( We are are own enemy when it come's to shooting LR shooting ) followed by the wind. Everything else can be predicted on a BC to almost exact just about every time. BC's aren't perfect but they come pretty darn close. crap in = crap out.......So if your guessing the verabile's, the end result is going to be well...A guess.

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    sort of. but only if you have dies to suit that particular chamber/neck thickness.

    I cant use a normal 22ppc die, ruins necks.
    I need to use my dies that are machined the same as the chamber neck in the barrel was machined.
    shoots awesome, but I can't run normal brass thicknesses.


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      Originally posted by Aushunter" post=30705
      Wouldn't you still get benifits from the neck turning through consistancy in neck tension even if you have a factory chamber?
      Originally posted by Send-it" post=30721
      sort of. but only if you have dies to suit that particular chamber/neck thickness.
      I use Lapua Brass in a factory chamber with Bushing dies.

      I neck turned one batch of cases just to a clean up & it made a noticible difference at long range (.30
      The consistency in neck tension obviously reduced my extreme spread of velocities (without using a chrony on them)

      The result was two fold.
      The particular load I did it with was 168gr Amax's which bear in the full length of my necks & that load was showing the odd case with a bit of pressure. Turning them meant that all ignition pressure signs were gone & I could up the load even more to get it on the higher node because the consistency in tension made each one the same, at the same time I could now reduce tension with the bushings which dropped that initial pressure spike on ignition.

      Aside from the pressure solving side of it, I was so impressed that I'm now trying to find the time to do all my cases, including my .222 Lapua cases.

      It was not so necessary in my other 308 load (155gr SMK's) because they only bear 3mm into the neck but I'm going away from that load now & will be turning the lot!

      My neck turning lathe is a bit of overkill