Cleaning tarnish off brass

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  • Cleaning tarnish off brass

    I have an Aldi US cleaner which is pretty good and cleans the crud out of my pistol brass, however it tarnishes quite badly. After the US cleaner I rinse it in water and use a hairdrier to dry off the water. The brass is too hot to touch so I figure it is dry.

    Is there an easy way to prevent it from tarnishing without Brasso etc?

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    Use metho to rinse the brass then let them dry on a towel or something similar .


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      Originally posted by M77" post=28853
      Use metho to rinse the brass then let them dry on a towel or something similar .

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    I've always been told to avoid using brasso on cases. I just checked the MSDS and it contains 5-10% ammonia, the same stuff used to strip copper from barrels. Copper is the major component of cartridge brass, and if you remove too much and leave a higher percentage of zinc, theoretically the brass will become brittle sooner, potentially reducing it's useful life. I'm no metallurgist, so maybe someone else with greater knowledge can confirm or otherwise?
    If I knew I was gonna live this long I would've taken better care of myself


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      Use this:

      I dont understand the logic a lot of people use with all the home mixes, 3&4 seperate parts, then dry with metho etc. It works out so much more expensive IMO I fell into the trap when I first used the US method, then I did the sums, bought a bottle and never looked back.

      Works out heaps cheaper, and just rinse in water and air dry, or use a drier if you in a hurry!!

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    I use Autosol on my brass sometimes when I feel like shiny brass will make me shoot better (hint: it doesn't ) because apparently Autosol has very low ammonia (near trace value) content.

    However, to avoid getting tarnish in the first place, I just towel dry the cases immediately after rinsing. Probably something to do with the chlorine corrosion and/or the minute impurities in tap water being left behind. Using a hair dryer means the water dries on the case, just quicker than letting it evaporate naturally; on the other hand, towel drying means that most of the water is removed from the outside of the case.


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      Dont get it wet

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    Skip ... you the king of bling.


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      I was getting worried there, a thread about cleaning brass pops up and it took Skip 6 hours and 51 minutes before he showed up with his photos of stainless tumbled brass. Usually his brain implant with keyword heuristic algorithm detection for these types of threads works much faster than that :P


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        I use the US cleaner, let them dry and them tumble for an hour or so.
        Probably doubling my work but they do come out nice and shinny.
        Not as shinny as El-Skippo's though