Any one in Aust. Stock Lyman Dies?

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  • Any one in Aust. Stock Lyman Dies?

    Been searching round the web for em. No joy so far,,, when I see them the range is limited.

    Just that I got a one track mind with cast boolits and reckon Lyman would be all the go.

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    i bought mine from midway australia on ebay,

    i quite like them because of the carbide sizing button



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      Got my 338lm die from midwayaus on ebay. Good service

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    Thanks guys,
    Midway Aust. is one place I keep an eye on. Just no joy in my cal .
    Guess they will turn up one day.


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      Even with cast the brand of dies wont have a great influence on things.
      Having said that one thing you will want to add for each calibre your loading cast in is a lyman M die.
      What cals are you after?

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    not sure what cartridge you need dies for but try these guys, they have lyman dies listed



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      I am currently loading .38spec and .25-20wcf using Hornady dies. Got the feeling the sizing dies are oversizing.
      Direct comparison with the 38, Hornady vs a borrowed Lee 9.5mm and 9.54mm dia accross the case mouth.
      Seated a few bullets sized to .358, pulled them and they measured .357. Not good in the world of cast.

      Would like to give Lyman a go see if they're more refined for the softer oversize cast bullet.
      Might add that I cast my own and run a softer alloy than the comercial offerings.

      The 'M' die is also high on the wish list, however I am turning one on the lathe bit by bit for the 25wcf to see how ot goes.
      Time is short this time of year, buisy season at work.

      Thanks for the leads, looks like 38 will be no drama just the 25 will take some patients and thats the main one I would like.


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        I think Noia trading do