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  • Powder for multiple caliber's ?

    Hi all, I'm new to the reloading world and have been doing some reaserch on powders to use and wanted some recomendations -
    I am wanting to try and use the same powder for .223 and .308 if possible to save on bulk purchase and ease of use (I have been known to get confused easliy haha) and obviously will need a 45-70 specific.

    I would be looking at developing rounds that I can use for hunting and range use....... I am thinking of developing one round for use in each caliber rather than one for the range and one for hunting...any thoughts ?

    I have seen powders that can be used for 223 and 308 but have been told it is a 'dirty' powder - unsure of how true this is and if Im cleaning my rifles after each use would that even matter - does it shorten or damage the barrel or action in any way being 'dirty'..
    powder I had in mind was the ADI AR2206H.

    Any reccomendations on powder for the 45-70 ??

    Any thoughts and opinions are welcome

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    2206h is a good choice for both 223 & 308. I think you can use 2208 too (definately can for 30.
    What you plan to hunt will dictate your pill choice but there are plenty out there that are suitable for both range & hunting.
    Can't help with the 45-70 as I don't own that caliber yet. Next on the shopping list if I find a Ruger no.1 in Aus!


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      the following ADI powders will;

      meter well from a powder thrower.
      burn cleanly and leave almost no residue in barrels
      burn fairly consistently in different weather,
      and work well in both 223 & 308


      technically,.....you can use these powders in both cartridges,.....but achieving desired accuracy with your desired projectiles in 223 and 308 may take some fine tuning.

      never reloaded 45/70,.......so I can only recommend what's in the ADI manual.


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        Thanks guys, looks like the 2206H will be my starting point for 223 & 308....cant wait to get testing

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      I happen to load for all those call's and use 2208 for all of them 25grn with 55grn Sierras for the 223, 45grn with 150grn Hornady interlocks for the 308 and 60grn with 350grn (anything) for the 45/70. Good full case in every one. All of these are hunting loads and deliver 3/4 or less moa. I also use 2208 in my 243. All the loads I have posted are at the higher end of the scale so as usual if your going to try them start a bit lower and work up/ no signs of pressure in any of my riffles
      Cheers Whitey