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  • What Defines GOOD Brass

    G'day fellas,
    I'm starting to get a fair collection of .308 brass and am about to purchase a reloading kit ( haven't decided which kit yet) and I'm curious about brass.
    I'm always hearing about Lapua brass and it's the best , but what makes it better than Federal or Winchester, is it simply better quality material yielding a higher number of reloads or is there other factors at work here.
    In theory providing all other factors are equal will Lapua brass give me more accuracy over other brands or is this only a consideration if I'm shooting them from a $10 000 + u beat custom rifle. I'll be using a Howa Varmint 308 in case it matters.


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    good brass means it has the following traits;

    good Quality brass (as in the quality of the raw brass its made from), this gives long life, and many more reloads.
    perfect in its size, thickness, diameters (internal & external), lengths, angles, shoulders etc.
    perfect primer pockets and flash holes.
    perfect in its wieght compared to other shells.

    once you get into reloading and chasing accuracy, you'll soon notice the minor variables between brass manufacturers, and batches of brass from the same manufactuer.


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      Things your looking for in brass is consistent wall thickness particularly in the nect area, and LAPUA is very good in this area, a good hardness (Perfected by the annealing process) life expectancy (Number of firings it can handle) and in general quality and consistency.

      My opinion, and it is just that is Lapua if available at the right price is a step above the rest, but yes, I think considering the tube your pushing them downs quality is a part in it, I consider myself to be somewhat a competitve shooter so I want the best of everything, and even though I start with LAPUA brass it still goes through my own match prepping process.

      I use Lapua in my match rifles, and either 2nd hand LAP in my hunting or winchester.

      I tried winchester (Fully match prepped) for comp. and it simply was not upto the task.

      My opinion only on the order of quality.

      Nosler Custom Comp (Too expensive, and comes prepped, prefer to do my own)
      Lapua (Right price)
      Norma (Overpriced)
      Federal Match
      And others somewhere below....

      As I said its only my opinion...


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        What is good brass????

        Mmmmm .... Free brass has always been pretty good brass in my books

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      several, I found this video from the U.S.

      Hope this helps.



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        mainly effects presure within the cartridge, and resulting accuracy.
        if a shell still has to be 'x' in size to fit in your chamber, but has a thicker wall thickness, there will be less room inside the shell to contain the powder.
        this is equivalent to trying to fit more powder within the shell.
        vice versa if its thinner.
        hence, pick a brand of brass out, and stick to it.especially if you're near max loads.

        their holding capacity can be determined by filling a used shell up with powder, then tipping out the powder into the bowl on your scales (reloading scales).
        as long as the overall length of the cases is within manufacturers tollerances, the angles will sort them selves out in your resizing dies, normally.