Help!!! is this VihtaVuori load data accurate ???

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  • Help!!! is this VihtaVuori load data accurate ???

    Hi guys , what do you all think about this data.
    I want to reload 243w 87gr Hornady Vmax with VV160N , and I am using the 4th edition manual which has 87gr loads, I also have the 9th edition manual which doesn't?
    The starting load for 160n 87gr is 44.2gr and a max of 48.1gr - this seams high?? Because the load for 90gr lapua Scenar is 38.9gr and max of 43.7gr.
    and 90gr is only 3gr bigger.
    Strange that the 87gr data appears in the 4th edition book , but not in the 9th edition book.
    What do you guys thing?
    Marlin 1894 .44rem mag
    Tikka T3 Super Varmint .260rem
    Savage Axis XP Camo .260rem
    Ruger American .22wmr
    BSA SuperSport XL .22
    Adler A110 Synthetic 20" 12ga
    Boito Miura U/O 12ga

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    From the ADI Manual:
    85 AR2209 42.0 2,965 - 45.5C 3,215 -
    90 AR2209 42.0 3,040 - 44.5 3,185 -
    90 AR2213SC 45.0 3,010 - 48.0C 3,205 -

    VVN160 lies between 2209 and 2213SC, it is closer to 2213. Considering this it doesn't seem overly high, as always start 5% lower and build up to it watching for pressure. I would be comfortable building up towards 48grains behind an 87 grain bullet in the 243, just follow the pressure safety checks and you should be fine.


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      Good pick up there Mack.

      This is just me, but I'd probably use the 90 grain starting load, and work up from there. The likelihood is that the figures are correct, but it couldn't hurt to work up a grain at a time to be sure.

      Or hunt down some other data.



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        Did you take both lots of data from the 4th edition, or from both editions. They may have tweaked the recipe a bit and revised the figures.

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      the only way to know for sure in your particular chamber is to test it - the length of the bearing surfaces seem to have more of an impact on when peak pressure arrives than the actual weight of the bullet

      just go through the normal way - start low and progressively go higher


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        My Hornady 9th Edition has the 85-87gr bullets listed on page 219. 87GR V-Max Part No 22440 for Viht N 160, 40.1 start load with a maximum of 43.6gr at 3100fps in a 1 in 10 twist 24" barreled Winchester Model 70. Same as it has appeared in the Seventh and eighth Edition( I don't have the Six) Viht N 160 isn't listed with the 87gr Load data in my copy of the 4th Edition but does appear in the 5th listed as a min of 34.8gr to a maximum of 43.6gr. Hope that helps


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          L579 if your right then I have just well and truly over charged 40 rounds
          Because after a few post reply's here, I started load them just under the starting load of 44.2 gr. But if your 9th edition is rifgr at a start of 40.1 and a max of 43.6gr , then I have over charged them all.... not sure weather to firer a case or two and see if there pressure signs or just hammer them out

          pic below of my data in 4th edition book
          Click image for larger version

Name:	023.jpg
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          Click image for larger version

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          Click image for larger version

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        Mate to give you an idea ( and remember this is my load for my rifle so start lower) I use 48gr N160 with 88gr Bergers COAL 2.865" in my 243 with no pressure signs whatever. The Vihtivuori manuals are very conservative.


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          Nosler 85/90gr
          List it as this...Vhit N160
          Max 44.0g 3172fps 93% LD
          Min 40.0g 2952fps 84% LD