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  • Homemade gas check maker

    The start of my homemade gas check makers for my .30 cal and my 44 cal just thought I would put up a photo of the progress.
    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    I will be keeping an eye on this thread with interest, to see how you go.
    I thought about doing something similar but, after looking into it, why bother..
    I was looking at it for the 308 and 6.5, by the time you buy the shim and the labour involved to punch em out, form and clean them..

    Gun shops have 1000 30cal GC for $49, thats without hunting for a better price..

    I looked into using aluminium but the problem with aluminium is that when it oxidizes, the oxide layer is hard and abrasive.


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      This thread prompted me to revisit, DIY gas checks..
      I have been using .30 cal GC lead bullets for a bit now, its nice to be able to shoot a lead bullet at 2000-2200 fps with 1 moa accuracy.

      If you are going to DIY Gas Checks consider this one step punch/forming die from Freechex.

      After a bit of a read, although all of these will work, the problem appears to be with the gas check bullet heal design or more so their variances combined with the thickness variances in the shim used.
      When you go to use the GC it may not grip the bullet heal sufficiently, falling of during transport.
      I came across a few varying methods of seating the GC, including the use of a lube sizing die and using collet case sizing dies.
      these resulted in loose fitting GC or under sized GC, as low as .300 for a 30cal GC that should be around .308-.309.

      I then came across an article for Hornady GC and sizing dies that had unique design attribute, a locking step in the GC, when sized locks into the bullet heal..