reloading a 308 with trailboss

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  • reloading a 308 with trailboss

    Hi anybody ever loaded some slow rounds with trail boss in 308. I have a 20" 1 in 12 twist 308 and was wondering how loud they actually sound?

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    I have they are pretty quite still goes bang but doesn't have the crack.

    The best way I can describe it it it sounds more like a pistol going off than a rifle, the sound also doesn't travel as far just like a pistol.


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      Gday mate,

      I load subsonic loads for my mates .308 with 168gr cast bullets... I use 7.0gr of Trailboss

      I loaded 9.5gr of trailboss and used 178gr cast bullets I think for my .308win and the noise is almost identical to a .22magnum. I was getting out to a 20 ltire bucket at 300 yds aiming about a metre over the top....

      Never have I loaded jacketed bullets though....