Photographic 30 cal bullet comparison

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  • Photographic 30 cal bullet comparison

    Thought I'd put up a few pics I took last night comparing a few 30 cal bullets.

    L to R in order of weight.
    150gr Sierra FN Pro Hunter, 155gr Sierra MK (#2155), 165gr Sierra GK, 168gr Amax, 175gr Sierra MK

    The three match bullets

    And a direct comparison between the two Match Kings

    A look at the dangerous end. Note the Nasty crimp on the Game King.

    I only just recieved 2 boxes of the 175gr SMK's yesterday after not being able to get any more Amax's ATM so I'm keen to give them a run on some LR stuff begining with a ladder test this Sat I hope.

    Cheers, Mick.

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    you can place your projectiles and bullets on the glass of a flatbed scanner and scan them at 300dpi for good quality images.
    place them along a cd case to space them from the edge..
    sometimes a bit of blue tack on the base to stick them to the cd case so they dont move..

    Some Flat bed scanners can focus up to 10mm of the glass


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      I was thinking I should re-take these without the flash but when I had a better look, the shine from the flash is actually a very good indicator of the bearing area & where the Ogive is.


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    I like the ones with the RED tip ... There preeeetty !! They work well to !