Reloading help for 22br Remington

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  • Reloading help for 22br Remington

    G'day I have recently purchased an Omark that is built up as 22br( Shilen select match barrel,27 1/2inch,1in 8 twist) and I am looking for any ideas and suggestions for loads for target shooting , currently I am using Nosler 80 grain HPBT projectiles 26 grains 2208 powder and CCI BR4 Primers,have been out and shot F Open 3 times so far and best score with this load was 96.3 at 500 yards.
    Any suggestions much appreciated Gnome

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    Had a bit of a look at this cartridge a while back, but I decided to stick with the .222rem.
    This may help thou.

    Tikka T3X 6XC
    Tikka T3X CTR 260 Rem
    Remington 788 - 6mm Rem
    Remington 788 - 222rem
    Browning Trombone .22


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      Mega should be able to help you with this caliber.

      I am sure he has 22 BR

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    You rang.....!!!!

    Yep, I have a .22BR.

    It is an old Sako S491 Single Shot with a 27" Pac-Nor Medium Palma 3 Groove 1:8" Twist .252" Neck. In a Sako Walnut Varmint Stock. Nothing special really as it's my varminting rifle.

    I have not used 80gr Bullets of any description as I consider them a bit heavy for varminting and this rifle was never intended for target shooting.

    My most accurate combination has been using 70gr Berger VLD's with 26.4gr of AR2208. As with all my benchrest calibres I start load development at 0.002" off the lands and that is the most accurate seating depth for this rifle as well. I have tried several bullets like 68gr Berger, 69gr Sierra Matchking, Hornady 60gr V-Max. Nosler and a few other older brands of bullets between 60-70gr but the 70gr perform the best for me. I have tried 75gr but nowhere near the accuracy. Powders I have used are Benchmark 2, AR2208 and yet to try Benchmark 8208 but like Mortein when my favourite combination shoots this well, Stick to It......

    As I said my chamber neck size is 0.252". A fired case measures 0.2505" and a loaded case neck measures 0.2496". I use Wilson Inline Dies with a Wilson 0.248" Bushing and the case neck wall measures 0.13".

    Hope this helps a little.

    Here is my target shot at 150Yards, 5 shot group measuring centre to centre at 0.192" which equates to 0.128 MOA. Groups shot using BM2 are more in the 0.200 MOA so nowhere near as good.

    BTW. This Sako S491 is also a "Switch Barrel" to 6mmBR and here pictured with it's 1:14" Twist 6mmBR barrel, Leupold 8.5-25x50mm VX-3 Varmint Scope.


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      Thats a real nice rifle, Mega. What was it originally chambered for?