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  • Anyone Tried Power Pro 4000-MR

    Hi there,
    This powder was mentioned in Another thread and I remember reading about it a while a go but am yet to see it in stores, Has anyone come across it yet or even better tested it?

    Thanks goes to Tumbo for reminding me of its existence Powder Rec. Thread


    Damnit forgot to change the location of the thread, can someone move to reloading?

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    Thanks Andy.
    Yeah, thought about it when I was reloading the 7mm SAUM a couple of years back but it was not available in Aus then. I believe it is now in stores because I was talking about it at my local who said he was getting it in and that was a few months back.

    Its good to see that I am not the only one to stuff up on here :lol:


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      Blundering About Aimlessly clicking things is half the fun right? :lol:

      Who is your local? I'll have a hunt around next week and give it a run against N165 if I can find it.. Just would like to hear from anyone that has actually found it before I do... The few US forums I have stumbled accross haven't been exactly full of praise, yet it seems to hold a lot of promise for 190 bergers...