125 Gr TNT Speers in 30 cal

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  • 125 Gr TNT Speers in 30 cal

    Hi all,

    Just wondering if anyone has some info on the 125 Gr TNT Speer bullets.

    I've been used to reloading 150gr BT with 2208, but now thought I'd reload a few shells with Speer TNTs and 2219.

    The thing is I followed a formula from the ADI Reloaders page which recommended 38 gr - 42.5C gr for the SFIRE 125 gr bullet.

    I'd read the SFIRE's are a frangible bullet... and then I see there's supposedly a difference between frangible and fragmenting.

    I'm using a Rem SPS 700, and packed the shells with 39.5 Gr of 2219 as a happy medium... But....

    Anyone got some further info on whether I have this right? Feeling a tad dopey :P


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    you might be better off with 2208.
    its faster.
    my father runs 125 tnt & 130gr projectiles in his rem 308 5r.
    they run pretty fast and accurate, and are versatile for hunting (from rabbits to pigs & medium sized dea)r.
    try 48.5gr of 2208, then go up or down slightly to suit your own gun.


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      A mate of mine runs 125 grain Nosler Balistic tips through his 308. He found 2208 was the best powder and gave him almost 200 fps more than 2219 did(which he bought on gun shop recommendation).

      As the 308 is his only rifle, he uses the 125's for small game and the 165 Hornady SST's for big game because he found that the heavier bullet performed far better on bigger stuff..

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    Thanks for the info. One of the reasons I picked the 2219 was because it was one of the ones recommended by the ADI Reloaders Sheet. I was wondering if 2208 could be used, but didn't see it mentioned and thought I better not toy around with it :P I'm only a newb when it comes to reloading and only know the very, very basics. Cheers


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      I use the 125 TNT in my .308 and use 45.5 of 2206H and have had no issues so far on anything up to a medium sized pig.
      For anything bigger I use 150 SST.

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    So would anyone think 39.5gr of 2219 is a little on the light side? Or a good starting point?

    I think I need to purchase a good reloading manual :lol:


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      below is an extract from the ADI website.
      as you can see, your suggested starting load is lower than recommended.
      by doing this you risk "secondary explosion effect".
      this is like having too much Vapor in a fuel tank, not enough fuel, and becomes an erratic explosion, rather
      than a controlled burn.(dangerous).

      bullet powder min speed max speed
      weight charge charge

      125 AR2207 36.0 2840 39.5 2990
      125 AR2219 42.0 2890 45.0 3050
      125 Bench Mark 2 43.0 2820 47.5 3070
      125 Bench Mark 8208 46.0 3000 49.2 3175
      125 AR2206H 45.0 2890 49.0 3130
      125 AR2208 48.0 3050 50.0 3135

      hope this helps.
      yes, get yourself a good quality (and current) reloading manual asap.


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        That's interesting, and perhaps has further added to my confusion.

        This is also straight out of the latest ADI Powders Handloaders Guide (6th Edition 2013)

        125 GR. SFIRE - AR2219 .308 Min 38.0 Max 42.5C

        125 GR. SIE SP - AR2219 .308" Min 42 Max 45.0
        I'm gathering the Speer TNT's are more like the 125gr SFIRE, not the 125gr S/E SP (soft points).

        Has any got a powder weight they'd recommend with a TNT 125gr Speer and AR 2219 in 30cal?


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          Just to add. Took some shots yesterday to see how they went.

          Used 125gr Speer TNTs, Winchester Primers and AR2219 with 39.5 & 40 gr of powder & could have knocked my "Coke can targets" off all day at 150+m. Impressive bullet

          Thanks for the replies. I find it helpful just grabbing some fresh opinions. I'll give the 2208 a go when I've grabbed a Reloaders manual. Cheers

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        The 130 grn speer TNT hollow points are absolute dynamite on smaller ferals though a big mud caked pig might be a challenge for them.
        I first used them when the were Federal tac and there is some confusion but I think its more of a name concept than anything.
        They crack along nicely with around 47 grn`s of 2208 or around that --would need to check and verify.
        On the range they are accurate to 300 meters but run out of legs after that and they hate head or fishtail winds --all falls apart at about 300 meters onwards

        The 150 Hornady SST on the other hand will hang in there out to 900 yds easy / accurate as well and nothing is a runner if its used on smaller game.
        Might blow up on the skin of heavy pigs but Id don`t shoot at pigs so cant really say / anything smaller is toast.
        Right down to the little target animals they still explode at any reasonable range - top projectile IMHO.
        Range use accuracy is superb at any range I have tried out to 900.

        The board wont allow it / mods would from on it / and photobucket deletes it but if you want a headless goat at say 100 meters 130 grn fed tacs will do it and do it well.
        Just sayin`

        Rifle (s) Omark - Black mountain barrel and others.
        Scopes -as required up to Leupold 8 - 26 x 50 T with varmint reticle.
        Rumor has it the Nosler 155 grn HPBT don`t like wind all that much.
        That is yet to be proven but the info comes from a top line shooter so we should trust experience -its usually on the mark.
        Don’t poke the snake, walk around it and come back later with a double-barrelled shotgun and blow its [email protected]#!ing head off!.

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          Coincidently I just happened to have reloaded a heap of 7.5x54 for my service rifle, with the 125gr TNT's and 46.8gr AR2208 - so will keep you posted as to how they go.
          Repro L42a1 Project


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            I've mainly been using the 150gr BT Nosler & 150gr Hornaby Interlock SP's. But I thought I'd give the TNT's a go, and I'm glad I did. Zippy little buggers