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  • .223 Rem Case capacity?

    Hi All,

    I'm fairly new to reloading for .223 and to the calibre in general. (I have reloaded a lot of .308, 6.5x55 & 45/70 though.)

    Recently I bought myself a CZ527LH, that has a 1:12 twist and a 24" barrel, which give me the opportunity to run light projectiles pretty fast.

    Presently I'm working with Winchester brass, CCI primers, AR2208 and Nosler Varmageddon ballistic tips at 40grns. (I'm developing a hunting load for light game.)

    ADI's data lists AR2208 loads ranging from 24grns up to 28grns, but I can't get close to fitting 28grns of powder in a case. Is this normal?

    First time around I stopped at 27grns of 2208 because 27.5grns over-filled the case.

    The reason I ask is I've just loaded up my second ladder test to tune the above combo.

    Having found that 27grns produced the best results first time around, I've now loaded 26.8, 27.0 and 27.2 ... and 27.2 is about as much as would be practical to squeeze in.

    All will be compressed loads.

    Anyone else had this issue, and what can be done, if anything?



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    Lucky you're not using ADI cases. I can't even get close to 27 grains in.


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      Makes you wonder why they produce data for 28grns when (it seems) you can't actually load it!


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    I'm getting great results with BM8208 in my .223 1:12 with 55Gr Nossler BTs. I know a few of the guys on the other forum were finding the 8208 to be their go to powder for the .223. I'm sure Skip was getting good results with it.

    Below is a 5 shot group at 100m, dropped the last shot.... bugger. That was using the ADI max for that powder, which is just about 100% case fill, with no obvious signs of over pressure.