Continuation of my 6.5x47 development

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  • Continuation of my 6.5x47 development

    So today I thought ill have a play with depths ( was going to chrony too but battery dead ) I found that the 130 vld was at 2.077, i checked this. over and over. My rounds I had started with, turns out I was jamming them at 2.090. I had a few rounds so I had set up the die to 2.080 and then went down to 2.065 and went and tested them out.

    Today was the first time in awhile that was Sunny ( but a lol windy ) 8 mph winds gusting right to left.

    I tested this out a clean barrel and had 4 warming shots then testing with 3 round group of each.

    The end result is below. All shot off a bipod in prone pos. The flys were a real pain in the ass today ( in the eyes and trying to get in the nose ) you guys know what it's like.

    Any way I think the 2.080 is the winner ( kinda wish I had a few more rounds ) I am going to load 6x at 2.080 and 6x at .002 up too 2.088 ( hope to see if I can find a better group in there ) but will be a few weeks till I test again. Ill post them up in this thread when I get them done. Hope to have a winner and hope to finish the RnD side. This caliber has had me focus on RND more then any of my other calibers. Now enjoying a cold rum and thinking of all the little critters that are going to fall ill to lead poisoning, also the targets

    Only got 2 boxes of 130 vld till I get my 1000 from BRT I hear around late November.

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    Looks very promising at 2.080. If I was loading more, I would have another play with 2.070 as well, it has the best elevation of the lot, and without the flies and the breeze they might have gone through the same hole. And a load seated off the lands might give you a little more tolerance if a thou out either way. NBT


    • Pitty
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      I like the 2.070 Skip. Looks like the wind got hold of it, other wise clover leaf.
      The oldman use to say cut the ass out of the pants & no flies in the face :lol:

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    looking good skip.


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      I'm back Skip, got the Internet finally managed to pay my bill.....

      Are these measurements taken with a Sinclair Comparator Insert as the 2.080" is about the length I use in my Stolle & Remington for the 130gr Bergers. I think my Remington setting is 2.080" being 0.002" off the lands.

      Unless you can explain the odd shot #3 with the 2.070" group I don't like it as it displayes all horizontal spread which is what you don't want. The 2.080" looks the best showing a little verticle. You say there was some wind so perhaps a gust got the 2.070" group.

      If you have some slight verticle the theory goes with a bit of wind it tends to create a round group but you are only showing 3 shots. The next experiment should show a far better result as to which is the best seating group. Looks like the powder load is close too and I still check mine 0.2gr either side of my set load just in case but always go back to what I was using until I started Bullet Pointing and that has upset the load so more adjustments required for me.

      So, I agree with you....the 2.080" (0.003" off the lands) looks like a winner and I take it that 2.077" is the lands distance .....


      • El-Skippo
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        The measurements are from the hornady OAL gauge with the insert.

        The lands are 2.077. I am going to load up 6x 2.070 to fire 2x3 shot groups. ( Want to check this again ( as that 3rd was a bloody fly in my shooting eye just as I touched it off ) Also 6x2.080 to check again. ( I mucked up the first shot )

        So going to re test these today after the 400 shoot.

        Then if need too go and test from 2.080-2.088 ( see if there is a better spot for the 130 vld ) hope to conclude my RND in a few weeks then its left for Fclassopen and the odd critter. If I don't shoot the barrel out hopefully a badge or two in one of those fly shoots, you have talked about. Like the idea of trying to drill a fly from a silly distance.

        Hope to have a few more groups for ya by tonight.

        I have moved my windage 1.5 inches to the left. So the next groups should be in centre