44 load data - big 340gr gc bullet

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  • 44 load data - big 340gr gc bullet

    Has anyone got any data for a 340gr gas check bullet. I've seen ammo called "buffalo bore" advertised in the states that push a 340gr at about 1400fps.

    These loads are so bloody hot that they are only really able to be fired in ruger single action revolvers, and a few marlin & winchester rifles.
    I'd be looking to get close to these velocities using an ADI powder if possible.

    Any ideas?


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    Perhaps I'm asking the questions that are too hard to answer. 2nd topic I've created with no reply. Mmm.


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      Are you putting these through your Ruger?


      I use Win 296 for heavy loads in my 45 Colts. You can use very similar charge weights with AR2205.

      I believe some of Buffalo Bore's loads use Win 296 and others use a non-canister version of powder yet to be identified.

      I've been able to duplicate the velocities of their heavy weight 45 Colt loads using Starline Brass and Win 296.

      Do you have a Chrony?

      For a starting point I'd look at the charge weights in the link above for Win 296 and 340gr Projectile, reduce by 10% with 2205 and work up from there watching velocities over the Chrony. Your wrist may give up before you get near Buffalo Bore velocities!

      Be careful as pressure signs rarely show up in straight walled pistol cases, flattened primers and difficult extraction are not as easy to read as in a bottleneck rifle case.


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        Yes mate, through the Ruger. I'm just checking out your link now.

        I do know that the ADI book is very conservative when it comes to maximums for 44 mag.

        Where is Mr Keith when you need him!

        I don't have a chrony, but I will be borrowing one.

        I think it's time I got rid of the clunky old lever action 92 and got a h&r handi rifle instead. Then I can shoot some of theses big bastard loads through it.

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      Mate I reckon there is no need to go over the 300gr WFN design cast projectile weight in 44 Mag or 45 Colt.

      I have been using some 240gr Sierra's in my levers in 45Colt to try and get something that stays inside the hogs.

      Any of the hard cast projectiles in Keith or WFN styles, Hornady XTP's and XTP Mags have no issues with lack of penetration. I've shot a few decent sized hogs and they sail right on through.

      A 44 mag with 300gr projectiles has no problems putting the 200m rams down either.


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        Ive got the 340gr mould on order already. Ill be sure to cast a few and send them up to you Dino.

        Ive had some joy with the Sierra 300gr JSP bullets, but when Dave Commens told me he makes a 340gr mould I just had to have one.

        Ill let you know how I get on with it.