How much is too much? Case head Sep

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  • How much is too much? Case head Sep

    Hi fellas, Ive just shot off the first 40 rounds through the Brit.
    I wouldn't mind reloading some of these up for plinking sake with different weight proj.

    I noticed some cases not all, have the tell tale sign of case head sep at the base of the case, about 10mm up .... Now I can add pics later if needed but my Question is, is it sweet to reload these cases with the slight ring around? or am I better off just discarding them?

    obviously will pick out the ones with the least effected an use them.

    For comparisions the 303 isn't as bad as the 270win brass....


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    If they were brand new factory loads you may need to headspace you rifle first.


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      What I mean is new brass should not be separating after one firing, unless the chamber is too large/long for you current bolt head.
      If I were you I would check that first then if its ok only reload the ones that don't show separation signs.
      Do you really want to risk damaging you rifle or coping a face full of hot powder for the sake of not buying new brass for a few dollars.

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    Yep, pics are a must. Doesn't sound right that they went to pot after 1 firing.


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      I use the PPU/Highlander in my No1Mk3 & the No4, it shows a different "expansion point ring" to the Remington or Norma brass.
      Just use the 'pointy bent wire' & check if there is any crack evident from the inside at the "ring". If no crack, it is normal to get the ring, just above the case head, where the solid brass stops & the wall starts.

      There was some mention at the range many months ago about the Highland "loaded" .303 compared to "unprimed" brass regarding case life but I have used both & found no difference, could just have been a bad batch at the time.

      Oh & some photos will help.