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  • 223 seating depth

    Hey guys just wondering what sort of seating depths people are getting in there 223 with different length bullets

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    I'm only guessing here, the depth that gives the best accuracy or consistency? Just against the lands, or just shy of it Iv heard.


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      yep on me howa i can't even tell you how far of the lands they are , i started in the lands and then went deaper in the case untill they started to group and then left it .5 to .75 depending on me so i'm happy.

      load is good in my shooter so use at own risk
      pill nosler 50g bt
      case rem
      powder ar 2219 25.5 gives 3255 (nice and mild good life on every thing)
      primer cci 400....

      this load gives 3385fps in my rem 700 MAB barreled 223


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        I have 2 223s and I backed them both off 10 thou